It is one of the biggest advantage of owning an iOS device that you can download applications and install them from sources other than Official/iTunes. But to be frank it was not possible without doing a jailbreak on your device, but now it is.

There are a few applications available now days that could easily install .ipa file without jailbreaking. We have funneled the internet to find Kuaiyong the best iTunes alternative to download paid apps for free from Mac & PC.

We are happy to say that we found the Kuaiyong English version. In this article we will show you how to download Kuaiyong and install it on your Mac or PC. Use this exclusive software to download any application you want for your iPad or iPhone on to your PC or MAC and then transfer it to your i-device.

iTunes Alternatives

There are so many iTunes alternatives available for iPhone and iPad, but Kuaiyong is so far the best alternative for iTunes to download apps for free from mac & pc. The application Kuaiyong is not new to jailbreak community. Before this it was available in Chinese version which makes it tough to use this software. Recently due to much demand Kuaiyong developer teamed up to release the Kuaiyong English version.

Download Kuaiyong

Kuaiyong is a freeware which helps iPhone and iPad user to download cracked application. With this software you can easily download any AppStore apps and games for free. You can consider this software as an installous alternative as well. But the working procedure is slightly different. First you need to download app to your pc with Kuaiyong then install it to your i-device.

How to Download Kuaiyong and Install it

Step 1:- If you are using a mac then you need to download .ipa file from this link.  As you know all the devices in apple ecosystem supports same file extension to install applications. And you can install this application on Mac or iPhone or iPad. If you are using a pc then download the file with .exe extension.  Make sure that you had downloaded the latest version. Since if you have downloaded previous version then you will be prompted to update it which is quite annoying.

Step 2:- As we mentioned earlier this is a Chinese application. If your system doesn’t support Chinese language then you will not able to read the file. It is usually Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Confirm and Finish.

Step 3:- After installing the application open the application and connect your device to your computer. Applications in the server will appear. Then you can download them by pressing the download button.

Having Problem with Kuaiyong? Use : vSahre or AppCake or Zeusmos to download cracked apps directly on to your i-device.

These are few steps to access Kuaiyong which is considered as best iTunes to download apps for free from mac & pc. If you don’t like installing these software on your pc or mac then you can use their mobile site to download the applications directly to your device. You can enjoy cracked applications on your device without need to jailbreak the device with Kuaiyong. It is considered as best iTunes alternative to download apps for free from mac & pc.

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  1. hi there,when i click the link that is highlighted nothing happens,is this an english version or still chinese coz i have installed the chinese ver 2013 beta and it sucks not understand a thing there,i know the steps and all that but please bring out the english in it

    • Sorry to say Darrian, Kuaiyong English version is no more available. A beta version of it was released few weeks back but within 2 days of release it was removed from the official site. So unfortunately it’s not available right now. Please try any other free application source like :- vShare or Zeusmos etc.

      Will update this guide with new link as soon as it comes in.

    • hi, i want to download kuaiyong on mac any language but unfortunately i am unable to get the correct link.
      i need ua help. please provide the correct link.
      thank you


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