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Dear reader,

The prime motto of all the publishing carried out at CydiaOS.com is to provide quality information that adds value to an increasing community of tech-savvy people on the world wide web. To my mind, there is a certain merit in adding to the bigger discussion concerning tech and culture in the world and the part they play and should play in our lives as a species.

On this blog, just as the name of our website suggests, expect a wide coverage of these topics:

Jailbreaking Techniques, Cydia Tweaks, Customization, Apps, Errors, Drivers, Rooting Techniques, Guides, Reviews, Sources, Troubleshooting, Opinion, Advice, News, CautionĀ and many more things involving iOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Digesting such varied topics can be pretty daunting, at times, for the average reader. To cover for that, our writers always put a conscious effort to make sure each post is written in as simple and as easy-to-understand a manner as possible. Simplicity of language is followed as a rule of thumb in crafting every article that gets published here so that the maximum number of readers would understand our content, take advantage of it and make it their own.

However, dear reader, I would be lying if I told you that the flow of new information takes place only from the writer to the reader and not the other way around. To be precise, I cherish the fact that around 30% of all the vital information in our blog posts is contributed by readers like yourself through the comment section, below each article.

I enjoy moderating your comments, and while doing so, I do steal a few tidbits of new information from there and update them into the original article(yeah, that happens a lot). I am very thankful to you in that regard. So, dear reader, don’t hesitate to keep up the good work and pleaseĀ keep it coming.

And yes, apart from the comment section under each blog post, you can also contact us through Contact Us page.

About the Author


Consumer Tech Enthusiast, Blogger, Web Designer and Internet Marketing Professional of 9 years. Interested in the Smart Phone evolution story that unravels every second, every hour, every day, just like most of you all are. Like spending time researching new ideas on the internet so that I can bring them to you in a comprehensive manner. Whenever you like a story of mine do make sure you share it. That would be a good way to buy me that proverbial coffee as a token of good will.