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You heard that right! Come write for us, please.

Smartphone customizations like iPhone Jailbreak, Android Root, Cool Icons, Themes, Settings, Error Solving, user reviews, user suggestions etc., are all extremely vague and oddly specific knowledge blocks that have their own sway and need watering and fertilizer from a range of connoisseurs and problem solvers, day in and day out.

There are way too many variables floating around at any given point in time in the underbelly of the gadget enthusiast community of yours and mine (around the world) that it feels limiting to be envisioned and overviewed by a single expert, an author or a single team for that matter.

An image representing information overload showing Patrick Star saying 'Thinking hurts my brain'.

Keeping in view our distaste for the myriad ways a race for keywords and backlinks and serp juice or whatever is touted to be the best practice today can harm the organic way a truly online knowledge base should bloom, stretching its roots deep underground than trying to touch the ceiling without even having any base to start with, we have decided to open our doors to all interested people (or writers) who have something to say that can progress the way someone uses their device, brings a palpable change in the way things go (or go wrong), put a smile on someone’s face or introduce your own skills to the world.

Image representing the syncratic relation between the respective growth of the stem and roots of a tree.

I would like to be transparent and say upfront that no one is going be charged a cent in this endeavour. It is going to be a free and fair exchange of information between people online that just have something to say. The comments can be as long as you want and kept open for eternity.

You will be given full writer’s credit for however small a piece you are willing to put out there.

Super Users who can give me pointers, but do not want to expand on their point themselves by writing an entire, coherent blog post will also be given a writer’s credit and a possible shoutout in the direction of their online abode.

When it comes to experienced writers, the right to your final draft will also be protected if you insist on it and you are a good writer.
The only determining factor that stands between the content submitted and the content that gets published will be whether said info is going to better the lives or help the end users that read this blog so enthusiastically every day of the week.

All angles of tech leaks, speculation, news, solutions, tricks, hacks, downloadables, reviews, user experience, suggestions to the manufacturers on improving their gadgets, dissing a gadget you didn’t like, praising a software, your own products etc., are all welcome.

Image representing a whirlwind of ideas being harnessed and sorted into a neat order.

It is a decision that has been taken after a lot of deliberation and arriving at the apt conclusion that one should let the water flow until it finds its own level. It has been partly inspired by the bad taste in mouth left by the current rate of consumption of ready to consume pills of knowledge that the internet is being infested with, that is spoiling all the fun of the internet wherein it has just become a tool to push content down our throats rather than an actual place where real people can get together for a cup of chai and debate and discuss until apocalypse.

Of course, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. AI has truly put the fear of god into our team in terms of the amount of mediocre blabbery it may have to output every day for every small miracle it gets to perform.

Image representing AI augmenting human life.

Don’t picture that argument in a negative light, though. We are huge fans of the democratisation of communication and creative expression and the productive boom that the right AI can bring to the civilization. But our fear has been centered around the fact that it’s not the tool but the user that decides the shape and form of the outcome.

As an ode to the messaging that has been, hopefully, communicated in this page so far, the structure and format of this page itself has been left raw and undecorated in order to represent an intention of human trust coming from a place of vulnerability, honesty and camaraderie.
With that incredibly cringy and hopelessly mushy note right there at the end, I will take your leave, here and let you carry on with sharing your ideas below.

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