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How to Download Torrents on iPad Without Jailbreak


Want to download torrents on iPad at full speed, but afraid of jailbreaking your iPad? Wondering if you can download torrents on your iPhone without jailbreaking it? Well, I have some good news for you. You’re at the right place.

Previously, I had written a guide about the best iPhone torrents downloader app for an iPhone. It is a very easy way to download torrents on your iPhone and even on any iPad or iPod touch. However, in that guide, a jailbroken device is a must-have to install the Torrent Downloader App which you can then utilize to download torrents.

That is why, in this article I am sharing a new idea that would help you to download torrents on your iOS device without the need for any jailbreak.

It is a fact that the internet has developed rapidly in the past decade or so, but not everyone can yet afford a high speed internet connection. As a result, slow connections can make it tough to download heavy files. In that scenario torrents are the best way to share large files among multiple number of people. The speed of downloading torrents may not be limited to your internet connection. Using proper porting, anyone could get download speeds of over 5mbps for torrents.

Download Torrent on iPad

It may sound strange for newbies when I say this. But it is a fact that for Android users there are lots of apps available in Google’s Play Store which can download torrents to their device without jailbreak or root. But for iOS users there is not even a single app in Apple’s App Store for downloading torrents.

The reason?

Well, Apple as a company has always had a strict Copy Right Policy and tries very hard not to allow torrenting apps to enter the App Store.

In spite of all those restrictions from Apple, you can still install a bit torrent client on your iPhone or iPad from Cydia store. But, of course, you’d need a jailbreak for that. If you’re not interested in jailbreak and want an easy way to download torrents on iPad, then the following guide is for you.

How to Download Torrents on iPad (iOS)

In this guide we are going to use a download manager such as “iDownloader” or “UC Browser” that are available in the App Store. We shall use this manager to download torrents so that no jailbreak is required as I promised. We will also use two online websites to download torrent files at high speeds. Your browser will work as a torrent client. So lets begin…

Requirements before downloading torrents on iPad:

1. You will need to have a download manager like iDownloader or UC browser that can be quickly installed from Apple’s App Store within a minute or two.

2. As you may already know, you need to look for a torrent website that is online (in working condition) for the purpose of searching and getting the files you want to download. You can pick your favorite torrent site from a simple Google search about available torrent sites.

Here are the Steps to download torrents on iPad:

Step 1 :- Open iDownloader or UC browser on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and open the Browser given in iDownloader or UC browser. (It works differently for different download managers.)

download torrents ipad
Long Tap : Get This Torrent

Step 2 :- Go to your favorite Torrent downloading site, here we have used “Piratebay.se” as  an example. Search for the torrent you want to download. (But you can choose any other torrent site like “torrentdownloads.me” or “kickass.so” etc. look for a working torrent site as I mentioned earlier.)

Step 3 :-  Long tap the Download link of that particular torrent you want to download.

iPad torrents download
Select Copy

Step 4 :- You will get a pop-up with 3 options – “Open”, “Copy”, “Cancel”. Select “Copy”.

Step 5 :- Now open a new tab on your browser at go to www.zbigz.com.

zbigz torrent download ipad
Paste the Copied Url here, then TAP GO.

Step 6 :- On Zbigz website you’ll get a URL field, paste that Torrent link there (which you had copied in step 4) and tap on the GO button.

Step 7 : Wait for a moment, zbigz will now create the download link.

zbigz ipad torrents download
Tap Song Link to download

Step 8 :- After you get the link, just tap on the download button in the shape of a “down-arrow” beside the file name. Then you will get three options like “Download”, “Open” and Copy Link”, choose the download option in order to download the file to your iPad.

Or you can simply tap on the “download icon” that is in the shape of “up-arrow” present at the bottom of the page in iDownloader App.

The downloaded file is stored in the Files segment of the iDownloader App. It’s easy enough to figure out for yourselves after one or two attempts.

We understand that we have left a lot of information in this article to your understanding. But, hey! That’s why we have the comments section. Please feel free to ask us any tech related questions any time and expect the best possible answer soon enough.

Compatibility of this method:

This guide to download torrents on iOS devices works on all updates of iOS 8 including but not limited to all versions of

iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9.3.3, iOS 9.3.5, and iOS 10 as well.

Also works for the following iDevices

iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2 or iPad mini retina, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 13″, iPad Pro 10″ and iPad Air 3

iPod Touch fourth generation and fifth generation

Update 28th Jan, 2015

1. You can use your default “Safari Browser” instead of the download managers that I recommended, but Safari sometimes downloads those files or sometimes streams them online which can be a problem. So, sticking to the UC browser or iDownloader app is a better option.

Got any question? feel free to voice out in the comment below. Thanks for following our guide to Download Torrents on iPad without Jailbreak.