In a marketplace where innovation and prestige often come at a premium, Apple has never shied away from setting industry pricing standards. Now, with the much-anticipated launch of its iPhone 15 range, the tech giant appears to be pushing the envelope even further.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Price prediction

The Birth of the “Ultra” Tier

Early leaks suggest that Apple’s high-end iPhone 15 Pro Max may either undergo a branding makeover or be left in the dust by a new rumoured super-flagship named the iPhone 15 Ultra. This isn’t just a mere name change. It signifies Apple’s intent to establish a new pinnacle within its smartphone range. With exclusives like the 10x optical zoom in the camera setup, this handset is being positioned as a definitive flagship.

Further, you can bet the Pro Max moniker is going nowhere. But, this time it may come back in its usual avatar with correspondingly similar features as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, its 14 series counterpart.

  • The world’s most famous smartphone has already been confirmed to be getting a Type-C port according to previous leaks.
  • In addition, the volume buttons are gonna be replaced by a single volume rocker.
  • Also, the silent mode switch is now going to be a ‘Action Button’ that you can set functions to.
iPhone 15 Pro Max to be called Ultra at $2000

These three features may well be the defining changes between the ‘Ultra’ iPhone 15 model and the rest of the line up.

iPhone 15 Price – Sticker Shock or Justified Pricing?

According to a leak published on digitimes, the starting prices for the iPhone 15 series will hover between $799 for the base model and $1,299 for the Pro Max. But, the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra, prices may touch a staggering $2,000. This price leap is primarily attributed to a potential two-terabyte storage option, catering to those desiring expansive storage without compromise.

Two Questions:

Is the market ready for a $2,000 smartphone?

Are consumers demanding a 2TB iPhone variant?

Behind the Price Strategy

Though the iPhone 14 and its Plus variant witnessed modest sales growth, Apple’s strategy has always been about more than just numbers. The differentiation between models, such as the Dynamic Island design, 48MP camera, and the A16 chip for the standard versions, and the ultra-thin bezels, Thunderbolt 4 USB-C port, rapid charging, and a titanium frame for the premium ones, clearly indicates the tech giant’s intentions. Apple wants to cater to both the mass market and the premium segment, seeking the best technology has to offer.

The Market’s Verdict

Price hikes always come with their share of skepticism. However, Apple is no stranger to challenging market norms and setting new precedents. As consumers await the official unveiling of the iPhone 15 range, including the speculated Ultra, all eyes will be on the reception of these pricing decisions.

Only time, and perhaps sales charts, will reveal whether the iPhone 15 Ultra at $2,000 becomes a bold stroke of genius or a step too ambitious.


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