Are you bored with default iOS theme and searching if you could make your iPhone or iPad look like Windows Phone? Then you’re at right place, because here you’ll get definite solution. You’ll get a list of Top 5 Best Windows Theme for iPhone DreamBoard application (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch).

It’s true that iOS/iOS 7 UI is cent times better than that of Windows Phone, but because of complicated human nature we can’t stick to a particular thing for long time. So in order to feel fresh anyone could wish for Windows Theme for iPhone.

By the way it is not only you who got this weird wish to download Windows theme for iPhone, as I am actively connected to different iOS forum I get to see lots of such thread where people requests list of Best Free DreamBoard Themes which will make iPhone look like Windows Phone/How to make my iPhone look like Windows Phone. Being a responsible moderator I can’t ignore such request, but it is quite difficult to answer same question multiple times. So in order to keep things together I made a list for Best of Best Windows Theme for iPhone or iPad, which will only work with DreamBoard cydia app.

If you’re a Winterboard user please try to Download DreamBoard or wait for our next article.

Windows Theme for iPhone

5 ) Aero 2 – iPad/iPhone

AERO2 Windows iPhone Theme

One of the best theme for windows lover, it is based on Windows 7 Operating system UI. Aero 2 is available for both iPhone and iPad however it won’t look that good in iPhone as in iPad because of low screen size and pixel. So if you’re using and iPad, then I would ask you to try this theme once. You’ll simply love it.

You can add clock widget to iPad homescreen like it is actually possible with window 7 desktop.

  • Available at Modmyi repo :

4) iWphone8 – iPhone

Windows theme for iPhone

iWphone8 comes 4th in our list of 5 best Windows theme for iPhone. It’s a real high customizable theme which changes almost everything on your iPhone and iPod touch, including third party apps icons and apps drawer to make your iOS device looks like an Windows 7 phone.

  • Available at Modmyi repo :

3) Metro 8 – iPhone

Metro 8 iphone theme

Forget Lumia shit, try this theme.

This theme is a total transformation pack, like you can change windows desktop skin with this theme you can change entire iPhone UI. This even changes lots of iPhone function to match up with Windows 8.

  • Available at Insanelyi repo :

2) WinPad8 – iPad

WINPAD8 iPad theme

This theme is for iPad only. It doesn’t look good with iPhone. If you got an iPad then only try this theme otherwise don’t. It will give a Windows 8 desktop look to your iPad. Only 1 drawback, this theme eats up much of RAM making your iPad weak to handle multitasking.

  • Available at Modmyi repo :

1) Metroon – iPhone and iPad

Metroon windows theme for iPhone

The best Windows 8 theme available till date, it also give a desktop look up to iOS device and it eats much less memory than any other win8 desktop theme. And the best part is it works fine with both iPhone and iPad.

We have tested this theme on iPhone 4S also and it work smoother than any other theme.

  • Available at Insanelyi repo :

That’s it, hope you liked our collection. Please like and share this article. If you’re having any problem with downloading any of the above theme feel free to leave your comment in below comment section, we will try our best to reach you asap. Thanks for reading this article 5 Best Windows Theme for iPhone – iPad (DreamBoard).



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