Before you Download vShare iOS 7 and try to Install it on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you should know what is vShare (iOS7). vShare is an application for iOS 7 devices which hosts lots of free/cracked apps and games on its server and allows any jailbreak user to download and use them.

Please note :- We do not support apps piracy under any circumstances. The reason we’re posting this article is to help people find and try apps before they make up their mind to spend dollars on app purchases.

vShare isn’t new to iOS, it’s an evergreen cracked app serving free applications from a long time. Previously it was known as AppVV which was next to installous. Later as Apple rolled out a major iOS 7 update, AppVV start showing problems with the new iOS version. So as to make it work like before AppVV developer also released a major update and named it as vShare.

Because of some server issue the installous developer team had to shutdown the biggest ever cracked application source, which killed lots of hopes. Most of the jailbroken users found no use for jailbreak after that, but that was not for long.

download vShare iOS

Soon after the installous stopped serving apps, vShare was introduced and gained huge popularity in no time. Not only vShare, there are more than 15 such application came to action, among them AppCake and Zeusmos are mentionable.

So there are lots of cydia apps available which works exactly same, then why peoples loved vShare most ? The reason is simplicity. Downloading and installing apps from vShare is very easy. – Interested ? Then lets checkout How to Download vShare iOS 7 and then install it on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requirement to Download vShare iOS 7 and Install it

How to Download vShare iOS 7

If you’re very new to iOS and have never installed a cracked application from apps like AppCake, AppTrackr or Zeusmos then probably you might not have AppSync. If this is true then one more step adds to this procedure.

AppSync helps to install cracked .ipa apps which you’re going download from vShare. Without AppSync you won’t be able to install the downloaded application/games from vShare. So if you don’t have AppSync, please follow the guide below to install AppSync first, then go for vShare.

Just to let you know, AppSync is available on all major cydia source, even the official vShare repo host this tweaks. So you can get it from anywhere – but it’s better to go with vShare repo.

Adding vShare official repo to Cydia

1) Unlock your Jailbroken iPhone.

2) Launch Cydia app from iPhone springboard.

3) Tap Manage option from bottom bar.

4) Next tap Source > Edit > Add.

5) A dialog box will pop up. Enter vShare official repo and tap Add source button.

vShare official repo here >

6) If you get any warning message tap Add anyway button.

Getting AppSync from AppVV repo

1) After your iDevice completes verifying the source and downloads it, open that source and search for AppSync 7.0.

2) Next tap and download AppSync 7.0.

Download vShare

After you have downloaded AppSync, do the following to Download vShare from same repo.

1) Either go back to Cydia main screen > tap the search icon from bottom bar and search for vShare or Download it directly by opening AppVV repo and searching for vShare from it’s list.

2) Restart your device when vShare installation complete.

So that’s it, you have successfully installed the world’s best installous alternative which is ready to serve thousand of application to you without charging you a penny.

Wait, make sure to subscribe our free updates by entering email id below, because in our next guide we’re going to discuss a few vShare problems and it’s solution. Also we’re making a guide on Top 20 must try vShare iOS 7 applications. Thanks for following our guide on How to Download vShare iOS 7.



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