Hi there, want to know how to get tons of iOS apps and games for free on your i-device ? Wondering if it is possible to try out few paid apps before buying them from Apple AppStore? Yes it is possible, with Zeusmos application you can now install any free or paid apps for free, you could also keep those downloaded app for lifelong but it’s totally up to you.

download zeusmos cydia appWhy Zeusmos?

Zeusmos app is the second best alternatives to Installous after AppCake. If you’re a newbie to iOS then you might be thinking, “What is Installous?”. Installous was one of the most popular Cydia app and one of the most easiest way to install Paid app on your jailbroken device.

But after a certain period of time it suddenly stopped serving cracked apps to the jailbreak community & so the iOS user started searching for an alternate way. Lots of alternatives comes to the market & gone in no time because none of them was comparable to Installous. In the meantime 4-5 apps caught users eyes & Zeusmos is one them.

Now the question is where to download Zeusmos app ? Don’t worry, we don’t make fake promise – watch the video embedded below or read it’s text transformation to know how to get Zeusmos Cydia app on your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

How to Download Zeusmos Cydia App :

Before you start please note that I have used xSellize repo/source to download the Zeusmos app, you could download it from any other repo – here is the list of 5 best cracked cydia source which host this application.

Adding xSellize repo to cydia (skip if already added)

  • Open Cydia Application from apps drawer.
  • Tap the Manage tab from bottom bar then select Sources.
  • Now tap edit from top right corner, followed by add from top left corner.
  • A popup will appear, type the xSellize source URL here & tap add source button. (find the xSellize source below)

xSellize repo url :   http://cydia.xsellize.com

It will now verify the URL you added, if it is correct cydia will start downloading packages from that repo, when done tap return to cydia button.

If you would like to have a separate guide on how to install new repos to Cydia, read – ‘How to add outside repos and sources to Cydia‘.

zeusmos app homescreenDownloading Zeusmos Cydia App

  • After tapping return to cydia button you will be forwarded to a page where you can find all the repo installed on your device. so scroll down, there you will find the newly added xSellize repo so tap it to open.
  • Now you’re inside xSellize package, so scroll down to the extreme end (‘z’-section) & tap the Zeusmos option.
  • On the next page tap Install, followed by confirm from top right corner.
  • Wait for the app to be installed, when done restart springboard then search for the ‘Z’-icon on apps drawer.

So that’s it, you just learned how to download Zeusmos app from cydia on iOS 7 – iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. If you liked this guide please like/share it & help us to reach more iOS user, also make sure to click the follow button below to stay up to date with our future guide. Thanks for reading this article, if you have any query don’t hesitate to leave it in below comment box, we’ll reach you with possible solution asap.



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