One of the major concerns among new users of Cydia is how to add new repos and sources to Cydia. This is an essential exercise to add new Repos that do not come pre-installed in Cydia by default.

There are a few simple steps below. If you follow them to the end, it would be a cakewalk for you to add new Cydia Reps to Cydia on your Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod.

How to Add New Repos to Cydia – All Jailbreaks

In order to add new repos to Cydia, we need to have the source or repo URL first. The URL for a source or repo looks something like this.

This is the source for Ryan Petrich’s beta repo which contains a bunch of exciting cydia tweaks like Activator, JellyLock/Berryc8, Sectional etc.

I’ve taken this repo as an example, because this is one of the most sought after Jailbreak Sources on Cydia. I would definitely recommend you to add Ryan Petrich’s repo to Cydia, first and foremost of all. In order to add that, follow these instructions and learn how to add new repos to Cydia.

Steps to Add New a New Cydia Repo to your iPhone/iPad

1.Step: Open Cydia app from your SpringBoard and go to Sources by tapping it in the options at the bottom of the screen, inside the Cydia app.

2.Step: After you go to Sources as shown in the below picture, you need to tap on the Edit button given on the top right of the screen, like in the below pic.

Add new repos to Cydia

3.Step: After you tap on Edit, in the next page, tap on the Add button given on the top left of the screen.

Add new repos to Cydia

4.Step: Then you get a pop-up showing Enter Cydia/APT URL. In the bar given below this, enter the Source URL, starting with “http://”.

If the URL you want to enter already has “http://” in it, then make sure to clear this bar before pasting that URL directly in the Box.

In our example, the URL is, which is a good repo to have. After adding the repo URL, tap on “Add Source” to proceed.

Add new repos to Cydia

5.Step: As shown in the below screenshot, tap on “Return to Cydia”.

Add new repos to Cydia

How to Install Cydia Tweaks from a New Cydia Repo

6.Step: As a result of that, you have successfully added the new repo to your Cydia Sources. It’s time now to install all the tweaks and utilities you want from this newly added repo.

Now, open the newly added Cydia source by browsing through the Sources. In our case, it is “rpetrich repo” as shown in the picture below.

Add new repos to Cydia

7.Step: After opening the source, you need to select the things you want to get from that particular source. In this case, we would select “Tweaks” as an example.

8.Step: You can select any tweak of your choice from the list that opens up in the next page. Select one by scrolling through this page, as you can see in the below picture.

Add new repos to Cydia

9.Step: After you select a tweak of your choice from the list. This opens a page showing the full description of the tweak like supported versions of iOS, updates and many more such details.

To install that tweak, tap on the “Install” button present on the top right corner of the page just like in the below picture.

Add new repos to Cydia

10.Step: After tapping on install, you will get a new pop-up asking you to confirm installation. Here, tap on “Confirm” given on the top right corner of this pop up like in the pic.

Add new repos to Cydia

Should you Respring the SpringBoard After Installing New Tweaks?

11.Step:  Depending upon the tweak you chose to install, you may be prompted or not to Respring or Restart your SpringBoard. Some tweaks do not require this. But anyway, go through this if prompted.

Add new repos to Cydia

That’s it. Once you have done the Respring on your iDevice, your tweak has been installed successfully. Some tweaks might require enabling them in the Settings app. In such cases, go to settings app and enable that tweak. You should be good to go by now.

If you have liked our little guide and want to install new repos and tweaks, follow this article to find out the 10 Best Cydia Tweaks outside of Cydia’s default repos.

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  1. To get BigBoss repo on your Cydia in case you do not have it already. Paste this source in the above method


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