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Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver Download


Got a Samsung Galaxy S5 ? Want to connect your Galaxy S5 to computer so that you can root or install recovery img, but couldn’t do that because of USB Driver error? No problem, here you’ll get the direct link to download Galaxy S5 USB driver and a complete How to guide to Install Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver on to your Computer.

This isn’t only you, whose having this problem. There are number of Samsung Galaxy S5 user complained that they’re getting a weird “USB Device not recognized problem” while connecting new Galaxy S5 to PC or Mac computer. Although you could use the official Samsung Kies software to overcome this Galaxy S5 USB Problem, but this isn’t a permanent solution as this software not gonna help you if you try to Install Recovery on Galaxy S5 or Root your Phone later from PC which needs an active ADB connection.

Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver

In this post you’ll get a freeware rather than a software which is originally developed outside India, later the installation languages of that USB Driver was translated to English by an XDA Developer. It’s an executable file (.exe), so as to install it in windows pc you just have to run it by double clicking the downloaded file.

So lets checkout from where to Download Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver and install it safely on your Computer.

 Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver Download

Before you start downloading the USB Driver from bellow link, please make few seconds to read below list of compatible device. Because there are numerous variants of Galaxy S5 and each of the variants is slightly different from other, you need to know if your Samsung Galaxy S5 variants is compatible with this Galaxy USB Driver or not.

Samsung SM-G900T USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900I USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900K USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900L USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900S USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900F USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900H USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900M USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900V USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900R4 USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900A USB Driver
Samsung SM-G900P USB Driver

Windows OS Requirements :-

Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver For Windows 7
Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver For Windows 8
Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver For Windows XP
Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver For Windows Vista

Download Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver

Click Here to Download


How to Install USB Driver :-

  1. Exit all running programs on your computer, if possible make a restart.
  2. Uninstall any other USB Drivers that you had installed previously to connect Galaxy S5 to Computer.
  3. Now Download the new USB Driver package from above link.
  4. Extract it to your desktop.
  5. Run the .exe file inside with administrator right, follow the onscreen instruction to complete the Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Driver Installation successfully.

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