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Jay Freeman(Saurik)

Jay Freeman, commonly referred to as the jailbreak hero was recently made to respond to a thread on his social networking page on his latest invention Cydia. The quest was to have a list of his latest tweaks and apps that he has installed on his gadgets. This was mainly to help jailbreakers take advantage of the handy and the best selection of ready to go jailbreak tweaks(Best Cydia Tweaks) at affordable packages. It has been said that Jay Freeman, commonly known as Saurik responded to this query soon after it was published, and in his reply he included the requested apps and best cydia tweaks that he currently has on his iDevices.

Favorite Tweaks of Jay Freeman:

Cydia Tweaks
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Cydget is a powerful and flexible replacement system for Lock Widgets that allows users to take advantage of multiple lock-screen displays.


This tweak helps users to show profile pictures in their contact lists. The app enhanced contact lists at third party app stores as well.


It is a music tweak. The app modifies the Music application to include a playlist termed as cyueue in which songs get listed when the user is already playing another track and is planning on what song to follow.


This app is supported exclusively by iOS 7 gadgets.  This helps when the device is out of reach as the users could remotely log on to their iPhone without having to touch the devices. With this app it is possible to view the screen, touch controls and even manipulate the lock and menu buttons with the help of this tweak.


This app would help people not willing to have a clouded desktop.  This app helps people to have only five icons on their dock and not an arbitrarily large number of icons.

This application gives the iPod or the iPhone a graphical overhaul. The app offers hooks for graphics artist to safely theme anything in their apple operating system, including third party software downloads from the app store.

Ringer X VIP

This application is enabled with an activator ensured mute feature that acts temporarily. This helps to mute the device for a defined period of time after that, all the tones would return back to their original phase.

Voice mail Forwarder

This application helps in forwarding voicemails to emails right from the visual voicemail content of the iPhone device.

Safari Download Manager

The application adds a powerful download manager to the existing web browser of the iPhone and helps the user take the best control over downloaded files.

As we have explained some of the tweaks Jay Freeman has installed in his iPhone device, there is lot more to add on to the list. Those are

  • Activators – such as Volume HUD. Tap, Up and Down volume controls on Spring Flash, Status Swipe etc.
  • Bars – that includes Diet Bar, Call Bar and Diet Bulletin
  • Lux, Flashy Status, Switcher Mod, Password Pilot Pro, MarkThatMessage, GlyphPatch, FolderCloser, Low Power Banner, No Cover Flow, Sleep to Lock, SwitcherMod, Tab+, Harlem Shake, GraviBoard, Open Notifier app for messages, Tether Status, Typing privacy app, YourTube, 3G Unrestrictor etc.

This is the comprehensive list of the favorite best cydia tweaks that Jay Freeman uses in his iPhone as responded to the query on his social networking page.


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