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Eclipse 2 Cydia Tweak for iPad, iPhone 6 and iOS 8.1 Pangu Jailbreak now hits Cydia



Eclipse 2 Cydia Tweak that allows its users to have dark mode or night mode on their device has now come to influence iPhone 6, iPad and iOS 8 phones as well. Now, Eclipse 2 has been updated to support iOS 8 and this jailbreak tweak helps iOS users to activate dark mode on their phones. Eclipse 2 has already hit Cydia besides supporting the latest operating system from Apple. As with all tweaks users could use this night mode system widely but for the convenience of the users, developers of this tweak have included a blacklist where users have the freedom to add all the applications they don’t wish to use at dark mode. This tweak also offers a bunch of other great user interface customization that people long awaited for their phones to have.


Compatibility of Eclipse 2 Cydia Tweak with iOS 8 and Cydia Apps:

The Eclipse tweak that helps users have dark mode on their phones has been updated recently to support iOS 8 Pangu Jailbreak (also iOs 8.1), after having been a hit with its previous version. We should declare that this tweak has been made universal due to its compatibility with all UI. The change that this tweak brings on to the device is wide and happens at different areas of iOS and includes both stock apps from Apple store and also a number of third party applications. Users also get the freedom to choose a number of colors to decorate their background apart from dark mode to display their iOS interface with grand new looks. Eclipse 2 cydia tweak also comes with support for a number of apps from App store and the idea of segregating unwanted apps to the blacklist from the settings menu is an amazing option indeed.


Users are free to customize different areas of the operating system separately by making use of the color options page and could choose colors for status bar, tint, and navigation bar and for the overall theme as well. With the help of Eclipse 2 cydia tweak users will able to change color of the Dock, Control Center and the Keyboard with a wide range of colors. Many people who have used Eclipse 2 on their iPhone have declared that it works wonders on the gadget, much better than the previous version and is a must for anybody who would like the dark mode on their iPhone screen.

Advantages of Eclipse 2 over other tweaks:


It is not surprising that Eclipse 2 that was a massive hit on Cydia in the previous version has come to influence iOS 8 and iPhone 6 along with iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 with its wonderful features. The tweak supports iOS 8 UI completely and works perfectly well with basic browsers and emails. It has the best and vastly customized colors so that the users can change the background color to what they prefer. Users have the freedom to choose different colors for different themes on their phone and the brightness levels of these schemes are retentive. Also the tweak is accompanied with a number of bug fixes so that people absolutely have no problem in installing and using this feature.


Eclipse 2 cydia tweak is a paid one and is available in the BigBoss repo. Priced at just $0.99, this tweak is worth every penny it costs.

Go ahead and use this wonderful tweak as we suggest and we’re sure it won’t disappoint you. Don’t forget to share your reaction with us on the comments and also like and share us on Facebook and Google +.

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