Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8
Remove iCloud Lock iOS 8

With the help of the official iCloud removal service from Apple, it is possible to easily remove iCloud Activation Lock found on any device that runs on iOS 8 or later. This is an official method to permanently remove the activation code from iPhone or iPad.

But for those who have a second hand phone, this official service may not be available. But there are other options that would help people in removing the iCloud activation lock. These methods are briefly discussed below. The most reliable and important way would be to follow the official tool for removing iCloud activation available from Apple’s website.

iCloud Activation Lock Removal

iPhone users should be aware of a tool that has been created by hackers to remove the iCloud Activation Lock known as the DoulCi Activator. The tool is viral and is available for free. It has proven to be beneficial to bypass iCloud activation and help them unlock their iPhone.

This service is a boon for those who have found a lost and found device or a second hand device. The tool can be used only to bypass iCloud activation lock and would not unlock the device as the IMEI factory solution from Apple Company would not be applicable on other carriers.

Thus the act of bypassing iCloud activation is indeed a blessing in disguise for anybody who has bought a second hand gadget and its original owner still holds the credentials stored in their device or if they have by mistake forgotten to restore their device.

Unlocking using DoulCi Activator:

DoulCi Activator for iCloud Lock
DoulCi Activator for iCloud Lock

To accomplish this method, Put the phone in DFU mode, connect the iPhone with PC and start the tool. Look for a file named activation. Deb that would be located on the same folder of the tool and check for remove iCloud account and finally click Update and wait for the process to get complete.

Bypassing through Jailbreak SSH kit

Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8 via SSH
Remove iCloud Activation Lock via SSH

This is a free device to remove the iCloud Activation tool from the iPhone, but this would require you to jailbreak the device. A Russian developer has recently found a workaround for unlocking the remote iCloud activation lock for devices that works on iOS 7.1 to 7.0.3 and below. He has also presented a program that would allow the user to deactivate iCloud activation lock along with jailbreaking the device.

Official iCloud Activation Lock removal service:

The first step is to visit the official website for iCloud activation lock removal. Send the IMEI code of the iPhone and wait for a confirmation email that states ‘activation lock removed’. Now users could add a new iCloud account and the option as find my iPhone would be disabled.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8 official

After completing the process, user has to set up a new Apple ID or a new iCloud account so that the old account would be removed and its activation lock be disabled. Thus the official iCloud removal and deactivation service would be the best tool to deactivate iCloud activation lock permanently from the device.

These are all the methods concerning how to remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8 version. For any queries or additions please feel free to comment or contact us directly via email.


  1. Hi I bought a 2nd hand iPhone 8 and the iCloud is locked I went and pay $70 in iphoneimei and they can’t unlocked it , can u help me out

  2. Greetings,

    I have an iPad air 2 stuck in recovery mode. Apple has made a hardware exception to replace iPad. Unfortunately, I am not able to retrieve iCloud login credentials to turn off Find My Phone. Will your service turn of Find My Phone ?? Please assist.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.




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