On CydiaOS.com, we have been receiving a flood of traffic from iOS 7 users even in February 2015. Though the iOS 8 version of Apple’s mobile firmware has been released and updated several times over the last four months, many users seem to be content with their iOS 7 devices, either due to their device compatibility or due to disinterest on iOS 8 as a whole. So, we thought it was high time we made an iOS 8 vs iOS 7 comparison.

Are there any differences between iOS 7 and iOS 8?

Even the jailbreak scene has seen some tremendous updates regarding the latest tweaks and themes up to iOS 8.1.2. So, in order to provide a clear cut, comprehensive distinction between the two firmware versions from Apple, we have made a post on iOS 8 vs iOS 7.

The new operating system from Apple the iOS 8 looks similar to iOS 7, but there are strikingly vast differences between the two mobile platforms in terms of features and mobile experience. Let us discuss some good things that are unique to iOS 8 and not available on iOS 7.


15 Best things in iOS 8 vs iOS 7


Notifications with iOS 8 are interactive and allow the user to respond to invitations, texts, mails and invitations directly on the notification bar without having to leave the app they were currently working on.

Monitoring battery life:

It is possible to identify all the apps that suck the life of the battery in the iOS 8 mobile platform. Users could delete them to save battery when it is most needed.


Users get the privilege to choose keyboards from third party and need not stick to Apple keyboard any more. They also get the freedom to use swipe gesture and need not stick on to mere tapping.


iOS 8 helps snap your selfies better as they are well supported by a timed camera app. It is possible to prop up the gadget before timer is set, for hands free photography.

Home Screen:

Home screen does not change for iOS 7 user though they could read content in landscape mode. But with iOS 8, users could turn the device to 90 degree and see applications that get displayed on the home screen.

Key People Shortcut:

With this app, users would be able to view recent webpages and also people whom the user has spoken to, with a double tap on the home screen. The app also highlights contacts that other people might not lie to.

Photo and Video sharing:

With the help of message apps available with iOS 8, people could send several photos and videos to their friends. It is also possible to shoot videos and send to friends while on a conversation with the help of this app.

Deleting Options:

Users need not hit on the trash can to delete every email as they could simply swipe off and get rid of individual messages. Through this, it is also possible to remove emails and dragging the finger on a message slowly would enable user to send it to archive folder.

Contact Info:

iOS 8 application would pull contact information of those on the email list on top of messages. The app is useful to locate people through emails.

Multitasking through Email:

Users could now multi-task between emails without having to close one in order to open another. Users could swipe downward to minimize an email which is a cool feature for people who use multiple email platforms such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail at the same time.


This app could be accessed by dragging on top of the screen. This is one smart search tool to locate restaurants, movie timings etc.

Sharing Location:

It is possible to share the exact location of the user with friends and iOS 8 allows users to set up a window where details could be shared.

Audio Messages:

iOS 8 allows people to record their voice and send small audio snippets via text messages. This is best to wish someone on their Birthday or good luck before an endeavor.

Photo Adjustments:

New photo app helps people to straighten and adjust angles and many more smaller features that help get the best photo.

Time Lapse:

This helps users have best control on their videos. With functions like speed up and slow down video footage, be creative with video clips.

These are our observations of iOS 8 vs iOS 7. If you have any additions or comments, please feel free to voice out below. Do follow us on our Social Media for updates at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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