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Revamp your Android Lock Screen – Microsoft Android App

microsoft-android-app 1
microsoft-android-app 1

Good news for all android users, for Microsoft has opened up its doors on its Garage development and has introduced the next generation application that works on lock screen for Android. This is one among the projects that is now available for beta testing and this Next Lock Screen app works at its best for Android devices. Though this lock screen customization is not new for mobile phone users, this particular application and effort by Redmond is well appreciated by Android phone users as it offers a new look for apps, settings and information on the screen of their devices. The application centres around what users want to do next with their device, and this adds more sense to the name of the application.

Once the Next lock screen app gets instilled in the device and gets running on the gadget, the application lies on top of the existing lock screen of the user. Therefore a PIN or a lock screen pattern could be required to use this application on the smartphone. For those who have not enabled these security features on their gadget, they may have to before installing the Next lock screen application. Once the app is installed, text messages, appointments and other important notifications are shown on the screen of the user as a default feature. To access them, users have to tap or click on any item, and immediately the relevant app pops out. They could also use other gestures such as swiping down once from the top to the center of the home screen, or swipe from the bottom to access the required apps and settings etc. With the help of this application, users could actually configure three different types of configurations. That is, ‘At Home’, ‘On the GO’ and ‘At Work’ ;they could also assign three different wallpapers for each to differentiate between them.

Installing the latest Application from Microsoft:

MS Android
MS Android

In order to change the applications and settings that appear, users have to hit on the Edit applications and tools menu. As soon as the user deletes a shortcut for an application from the grid, a small + symbol pops out and this allows the user to add something new from their applications directory. Alternatively users could hit on the settings in order to change the different aspects of the application’s behavior. For example settings to change the behavior whether or SMS snippets should be shown or not.

Advantages of this Microsoft Android App:

This latest Microsoft tool also comes handy for the users to have a completely different selection of apps that are available to the user pretty instantly depending on where they are. The application also supports Bluetooth toggles and WIFI. Another useful feature of this Next lock screen application from Microsoft is that it has the ability to block particular applications and prevent them from appearing on the lock screen again. This would help the user to keep things simple and clean.

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