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Download Samsung USB Driver Galaxy S6 (& Edge)

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 USB drivers
Download Samsung Galaxy S6 USB drivers

Compared to an iPhone, the wireless connection options on a Samsung Galaxy have always been on the higher side. Apple does lack in this aspect with their mobile devices, owing mainly to their stubborn security measures. There are many wireless means of connecting Samsung’s latest flagship models, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to your Computer (especially a PC) e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DropBox etc.

But sometimes, due to the sloppiness of the wireless response or incompatibility between the Phone and the Computer, one needs to plug in the device to transfer data. In such a case, even the Android phones are no less easy to deal with since you’d need an upto-date and specific USB drivers package for that operation.

Alternative Ways of Syncing:

Further more, if you are a developer and if you want to root your device, then you must have to plug your S6 Edge to your computer. Some users may be in favor of using the reliable Samsung Kies 3 software for their PC, but may find it a tiresome process overall (especially for regular use). In case of Mac users, it is a compulsion for them to definitely use Samsung Kies for this purpose.

Overall both Windows and Mac users need not worry because we have provided the links to directly download the required “Samsung USB Driver Galaxy S6” and the “Samsung Kies 3” software latest versions. The drivers are one and the same for both the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the S6 itself.

Additionally, we have also mentioned the details and download links of the new Connectivity software from Samsung called Samsung Smart Switch.

Download Samsung USB Driver Galaxy S6 (for Windows)

Click Here to Download Samsung Galaxy S6 USB Drivers

Click Here to Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge USB Drivers

Similarly, to download the USB Drivers of Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10 and S20, go to their respective links.

After downloading these drivers if you face trouble installing them to your computer, learn how to do it properly from here.

How to Install Samsung Galaxy USB Drivers

Download Samsung Kies 3 for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge (for Windows & Mac)

Click Here to Download Samsung Kies 3 for PC

Click Here to Download Samsung Kies 3 for Mac

Samsung Smart Switch (App & Software)

In case you’d like to simply transfer all your data from your previous mobile phone to the new S6 or S6 Edge, then Samsung has the perfect solution for you. It is called the Samsung Smart Switch. Although it is not new to the market, this tool available as both an App on Play Store and a Software for PC, it is especially useful when you buy a new Phone, if you want to completely transfer all your data from your, previous Android or iOS mobile. Reportedly, Smart Switch performs all the functions Kies 3 can get done.

Download Samsung Smart Switch Mobile from Play Store

Click Here to Download Samsung Smart Switch for PC

Click Here to Download Samsung Smart Switch for Mac

Tips for a good connection:

Most users are guilty of using third party or old USB cables for connecting their phone to the computer. This may not give the best results all the time. For perfect functionality, it is recommended to use the original USB cable that was given along with the new phone.

If it is available always use a USB 3.0 port on your computer for connecting your phone. This is much more beneficiary than the average USB 2.0 port in speed and reliability.

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 USB Drivers

In case you are wondering which USB port on your computer is the USB 3.0 port, simply look for the color of the port as shown in the picture below. If it is blue then it is the fast USB 3.0, if it is black, then it is a regular USB port, probably USB 2.0.

If you are still facing problems, these troubleshooting steps might help you connecting your Samsung Galaxy S6 to your computer.

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