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Nokia Relaunches HERE app for iOS – Google Maps Rival?


Nokia’s very own maps and navigation app, the “HERE” app, is making a grand come back into the App Store (iOS), after a long absence of more than a year. This sudden relaunch is being hinted by experts as a result of the growing demand for this app on the Android platform where it garnered over 4 million downloads recently.

HERE maps and navigation app, which was released for Android as a free app on Google’s Play Store in Oct. 2014, will be Free for download on iOS as well. With its main USP being the rare ability to store maps of more than a 100 countries for Offline use, this navigation app is surely going to turn some heads around.

HERE app for iOS, which is being billed as a rival to Google Maps and Apple’s very own Maps application, certainly has the edge over the latter duo, when it comes to saving Network Data Charges for its users, thanks to its cool Offline features.

HERE app for iOS, just like its predecessors, provides its users with turn-by-turn navigation options for driving, pedestrians and public transport even while offline and gives them live traffic updates when connected to the internet. This makes travelling so much more easier for those of us who are vexed with the problems in Google Maps when not online.

History of Nokia’s navigation app – HERE app for iOS

Originally released by Nokia for its range of the then Windows Phone based smartphones, HERE later debuted on iOS with fruitful results in late 2012. A year later, in late 2013, following some compatibility issues with the then newly launched iOS 7 interface, HERE app was removed from the App Store.

HERE maps for iOS 8
HERE maps for iOS 8

In mid-2014, a version of the app was launched exclusively for the Galaxy range of smartphones of Samsung. Then, a full version of it debuted on Google Play, in early 2015. Since then it has become a rage on the Android platform, crossing 4 million downloads in a short span of a couple months.

Keeping this in mind, the iOS version of this App is being expected to do some serious business on the Apple gadgets as well. Though it may not entirely catch Google Maps off gaurd in this category, it surely may provide some stiff competition and a good alternative to the users.

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