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Download RecBoot for Mac and Windows PC


Want to download Recboot? Then either you’re in a hurry or you’re in serious trouble with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. RecBoot is a free software which allows anyone to put their iOS device in Recovery Mode with just a click of the mouse directly from Mac or Windows PC. Most of the people who want to Download RecBoot seem to be in some kind of trouble. Either their Home Button is broken/not working or their iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop.

What is Recover Mode Loop?

By Recovery Mode Loop I mean to say a kind of software failure which arises mainly from faulty iTunes software or incomplete iOS Update installation. It makes your device continuously boot into recovery mode even when you want it to boot in normal mode.

Download RecBoot

If you’re going through any such situations, do not worry as it is not going to help you. There are lots of possible solutions which could make your device boot into normal mode and work like before without spending a penny. However if your iPhone has gone to recovery mode because of hardware failure then you have to contact your nearest Apple Care.

Just to let you know, there is no way you can determine whether you are facing a software failure or a hardware failure. Just make sure to download Recboot for your Mac or Windows PC from here and try it out. If it works, great! Otherwise, you must take your device to Apple.

Recboot is a very simple software which is available for free download online. It doesn’t even need installation or any kind of supportive software to run like Java or .net framework. All you have to do is get Recboot for Mac or windows from the link given below. Then, run it and enter your command with a single mouse click.

Check the pictorial guide below to download Recboot and install it properly on your system, be it Mac or Windows.

How to Download and Use Recboot for Mac or Windows

Recboot : iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode

1) Link to Download Recboot > RecBoot for Mac and RecBoot for Windows

2) Run Recboot, then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer.

3) Once your iOS device is recognized, you’ll find two buttons on the Recboot window.

4) The Button on the left is to “Enter Recovery Mode” and the right one is to “Exit Recovery Mode”.

5) After you make sure your device is connected properly, click the desired button to enter a command to your iPhone from your computer.

That’s it, you have successfully learned how to download recboot for Mac or Windows PC and use it properly to enter or exit recovery mode.

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    • hi im getting an error “unhandled exception has occurred in your application” when opening up the Recboot.exe please help

      • Hi. This might help you. Step 1: Scan for any viruses in your PC. Step 2: Disable the your antivirus program until restart and download the file again from the site. Go on to install it this time. This might work since some antivirus programs treat such tools as malware. Thank you.

  1. Hello Abhijit,
    It didn’t work on in iphone 5 ios 7.1.2
    after pressing the (enter recovery mode) some error msg comes up- The program cant start because QTMLCLIENT.DLL is missing from your computer.

  2. hi, i have iphone 5s which is showing the itunes screen on it, i downloaded recboot and pressed exit recovery mode and the box noted “the device should be in normal mode”, but now the device is showing the “apple sign” after few minutes a blue screen shows for seconds and goes back to “apple” screen again .. over and over ??? any help plz?

    • Heat the left side of the back of your phone using a hairdryer at high heat. 3/8 from the top to be exact. That is where your eMMC (The root of the problem) and the hair dryer will reflow it. Try to power it on after 2 minutes of heating. It should turn on fine. Leave it on and heat it for another 5 minutes and everything will work like its brand new!

    • I just tried it and I can’t get it to work with iOS 8.0.2. It restarts the iPhone, and displays the Apple logo, but then just turns off. When I try to turn it back on it turns off again after about 10 seconds.

      • I had the same issue for two weeks, bought a 6 while I waited for a miracle to fix my 5 stuck on the boot loop like an update to tiny umbrella or reboot but nothing…guess what though?? On Saturday I checked the net as I regularly do and discovered iTunes had an update. I downloaded thinking there’s a tiny chance and to my surprise it gave me a choice to restore OR FIX!!! I did fix and it started doing something with the phone and crashed halfway saying it couldn’t go through. I cleared some space and restarted my computer and tried again. The iPhone 5 came back I life with all my 64 gigs of data…I hope this works for you, give it a try if you havent tried the update yet. First thing I did was backup everything.

        • Thanks for the heads up! I ended up finding a tip on another forum saying to login to my iCloud and manually remove the phone from my account and then try to restore. Voila! It worked. It was stuck in a boot loop and couldn’t restore because Find My iPhone was still enabled. Removing the iPhone from my account disabled Find My iPhone, which then allowed iTunes to verify the restore. Boom! Thanks for getting back to me tho! Hopefully other people will read our “tricks” and have some luck themselves. Peace!

  3. i have a iPhone 4s and it wants me to update and restore cause its stuc on the iTunes simble but when I try to update it it dosent work it says error then some numbers
    and tells me its in recovery mode and I try to take it off and nothing happens. I don’t know what to do

  4. I have an Iphone 6. I used RecBoot, but when I exit recovery mode, the apple sign comes and then it goes back to recovery mode, I’ve tried removing the sim and removing the iCloud account but nothing is working. Please help me, thank you in advance <3

  5. I’m having trouble once i clicked exit recovery mode the apple logo became red and it disappeared what should i do ???? please help

  6. hi ,i have an iphone 5c , show me this : The Sim card that you currently have installed in this iphone is from a carrier that is not supprotedunder the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. this is not a hardware issue with the iphone. please insert another sim card from a supported carrier or request that this iphone be unlocked by your carrier.please contact apple for more information.
    i need help please !

    • Hi, I think your iPhone is carrier-locked. That means it was bought in a contract with one particular network provider carrier service. If you bought the phone yourself, you ought to know that. But I recon you bought it from someone else. In that case you can easily get rid of this problem by simply unlocking your iPhone using the numerous guides provided online or you can contact a local mobile repair store that can do this for you for a small sum of money. Hope that helped.

  7. i want to jailbreak an iphone 3g 4.2.1 with the home button broken, can recboot replace the home botton through the jailbreak process ?? help please!

  8. so fast to download and super easy to use. the directions were simple and straight to the point. it worked for me.

  9. Hi, i found your article and downlod RecBoot successfully, but it failed to exit my iPhone 6s recovery mode. Luckily I found this useful tool ReiBoot, it helped me get my iPhone out of recovery mode within seconds.

  10. please help me out guys some error is irritating me please solve this problem

    “RecBoot.app” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

    our security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App Store and identified developers.

    • scho… Go to System Preferences .. ‘Security & Privacy’ .. look toward the bottom where you can ‘click to allow’ (or somesuch) That is, if you are a Mac user. Cheers.


    • Hi there, Luqman. There are two possible solutions to this problem. One is you should run this program, recboot, as administrator, through the right click. If that does not work, then turn off your antivirus and download the zip file again from our page and then unzip it and run the recboot file as administrator again, this might solve the problem completely. The missing file may be due to your antivirus suspecting the IPHUCWin32.exe as a harmful file while it is not. Please tell me if it worked.


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