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The author has been an Apple tech enthusiast and Blogger for 9 years. He is deeply invested in the 'pocket revolution' that is the smartphone paradigm of the early 21st century that keeps reinventing itself each day, spilling over into wearables and home devices. Sultan strives for reader comprehension above all else and is keen on bringing information in experimental new ways to widen the knowledge base of the end-users in a short period of time.
Difference between recovery mode, dfu mode and boot loop

iPhone in Recovery Mode, DFU Mode OR Boot Loop – Difference

Want to know the difference between Recovery Mode, DFU Mode and Boot Loop? Curious about what these are and how they are caused? You...
Hide Wallpaper from Always-On display on iPhone

Hide Lock Screen Wallpaper From Always-On Display on iPhone 14 Pro

The new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max come with one of the most notable features. Of these, the new flagships' Always-On...
Disable Notifications Always-On display

iPhone 14 Pro: How to Hide Notifications When using Always-On Display

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the latest flagship phones in Apple's line up. Apple has distinguished these two models...
iPhone notification grouping problem NC and LC

How to Disable Notification Grouping on iPhone NC and Lock Screen

Don't like the look of the Notification Center on iOS right now? You want to disable notification grouping on your iPhone? You are on...
You can schedule a mail to be sent on Apple's Mail app on macOS

How to Send a Scheduled Mail in Apple’s Mail app on macOS

Apple has been gradually updating its stock Mail app to keep pace with the latest email client apps out there. The latest version of...
Safari Tab Groups Share option in Ventura

Share Safari Tab Groups on macOS – How To

The ability to share Safari Tab Groups with others was introduced to Safari with macOS Ventura. This feature is designed to help users organize...
Correct Siri's Pronunciation

Correct Siri’s Pronunciation of Names on iPhone

Now you can correct the way Siri pronounces names on your iPhone. Honestly, it's a long awaited respite, especially to those outside the English...
How to Use Safari Tab Groups on Mac

How to Use Tab Groups in Safari on macOS

Safari Tab Groups in macOS Monterey is a feature aimed at improving tab organization and management. With the increasing number of tabs we often have...
find wi-fi passwords of know networks from your Mac

How to Find Passwords for Known Wi-Fi Networks on a Mac

Forgot the password of your friend's home Wi-Fi? Don't worry. Now you can find passwords for known Wi-Fi networks on a Mac. Apple has made...
iPhone mic as input for Mac

Using an iPhone as a Microphone Input for your Mac

Yes. You read that right. You can now use your iPhone as a Microphone Input for Mac. With the advent of macOS Ventura, Apple has...

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