The ability to share Safari Tab Groups with others was introduced to Safari with macOS Ventura. This feature is designed to help users organize and preserve their open tabs in Safari and make it easier to collaborate with others.

In this article, we will explore the process of sharing Safari Tab Groups in macOS Ventura.

Safari Tab Groups Share option in Ventura

Apple introduced Tab Groups in macOS Monterey. With this feature, users can collect and save related tabs into one group. This makes it easier to manage their open tabs. It’s a valuable tool for anyone who frequently uses Safari.

For example, if you are working on a project, you can collect all the tabs related to that project and put them into a Tab Group. When you need to access those tabs, you can simply open the Tab Group. All the tabs will be there, ready to be used.

With macOS Ventura, Apple has taken the Tab Groups feature to the next level by allowing users to share those Tab Groups with others. This means that you can collaborate with colleagues, friends, or family by sharing your Tab Groups with them.

When you share a Tab Group, others can access the tabs in that group. They can add new tabs, and make changes to the group. This makes it much easier to work together on a project or plan a trip, for example.

How can you share your Safari Tab Groups in macOS Ventura?

1. Firstly, open Safari and reveal the sidebar by clicking the Show sidebar button.

Ellipsis button in Safari

2. Then, next to the Tab Group, click the ellipsis button and select Share Tab Group from the contextual menu.

Show the share button on Safari Tab Groups

3. Once you have selected the Share Tab Group option, a Share Sheet menu will appear.

4. From this menu, you can choose the desired sharing method. For example, you can choose to send an invite via Mail or Messages.

5. If you choose Mail or Messages, the associated app will open with a link to the Tab Group which you can send.

6. Once you have sent the invite, others can access the Tab Group by clicking on the link you sent.

How to keep track of Shared Tab Groups

You can see who has access to the Tab Group by clicking on the user profile icon. It’s located in the Tab Overview screen. You can access it through the ellipsis button.

This makes it easy to keep track of who has access to your Tab Groups and to revoke access if necessary.

Benefits of Share Safari Tab Groups Feature

This is a powerful tool that makes it easier to manage and organize your open tabs in Safari.

With the ability to share those Tab Groups with others, users can collaborate with colleagues, friends, or family and make their work more efficient.


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