iPhone hacks
Maximize your iPhone’s potential

Your iPhone is like a mini world in your pocket as you can use it for performing a bucketful of tasks. You can enjoy many features such as Airdrop, Night mode, Widgets, Voicemail Transcripts, and a top-notch quality camera.

The article enumerates intriguing highlights of the iPhone that can be valuable in various ordinary circumstances and may add a ton to your efficiency. Here are the top performance hacks that will help you to become a smart iPhone user by using specific features and managing your device well.

13 Performance Hacks to increase Your iPhone’s efficiency

Block Cellular Data

Several apps keep running in the background of your device, and you need to control them. Your iPhone has an option with which you can change the cellular data settings and also save data. It is useful when you are running out of data or when you do not have access to Wi-Fi.

Personalize Alerts

You can change the contact alerts as per your preferences. It’s a unique feature that lets you know who reached out to you without looking at your screen. You can set your favorite song or a specific sound to identify loved ones and work-related alerts and calls.

Update or Uninstall Apps

The apps you download on your iPhone turn out outdated in due course. However, these apps keep running in the background consuming phone resources such as storage, memory, and processing power.

Updating the apps can help with reducing the issue. Or, as an alternative, you can simply remove them. Doing so is not that hard if you are familiar with Apple devices in general. For instance, if you were to click here, you would learn about removing apps from macOS. There are similar sources and guides and other performance hacks for iPhones as well if you need any.

Use the Device as Magnifying Glass

Your iPhone is packed with many features, and one of them is that you can use your device as a magnifying glass. It is designed for people who have sight issues. You can literally increase your font size and adjust the readability for yourself on the device.

Connect AirPods
Performance hacks for iPhone
Use AirPods to access media on the go

Your phone can be a travel buddy, seamlessly, when you are an iPhone user. You can connect a pair of AirPods to watch a movie, listen to music or podcast and may also attend a meeting or present a report on the go much easier than you may be able to in any other eco system.

Use Panorama Mode

One thing that every iPhone user appreciates when it comes to Apple devices is their camera setup and quality. Your iPhone has a cool camera feature in which you can record and capture moments from both left to right and right to left in the panorama mode.

Use the Device as a Scanner

The iPhone is a multi-tool device with a camera having unusual features that may or may not be available on another device. You can use your device as a continuity camera for your MacBook. It can take pictures and scan documents to access them directly on your Mac.

Close Unnecessary Tabs

Use your device smartly. It is advised not to open too many tabs on your iPhone. Opening various tabs on your phone may slow it down. Delete your browsing history regularly to save data usage and storage on your device.

Utilize Spotlight Search

The vast majority of people use Spotlight Search on their iPhones. Spotlight can not only search within the apps and your documents, emails, and calendars when you enter words and phrases in the search box. Using spotlight search instead of searching in folders makes you an efficient user.

Optimize Charging
iPhone performance hacks
use ‘optimized battery charging’

A common challenge that we face with our phones is battery shelf life. It is surely one of the first few things that anyone looks for in a phone. You can use the apple phone feature that helps your phone to save battery. ‘Optimized battery charging’ enables your phone to reduce aging.

Use FaceTime for Video Calls

These days you can get video calling in just about any app. Your apple device has its own video calling feature that is called FaceTime. The quality of a video call on FaceTime is beyond measure, and it also allows you to make a group with 30 people at once, which is unlikely to happen with any other app.

Capture Images While Recording

In case you are someone who loves a touch of nostalgia from time to time, you can use your device’s camera to capture pictures while recording a video.

Add Multiple Face IDs

Apple devices are known to give you the best experience when it comes to the security of your device. You can add multiple face ids to your device and multiple fingerprint IDs on your device.

The Conclusion

The iPhone is an amazing device that allows you to use it in several different ways. Using our performance hacks for iPhone, other than attending calls, you can use it for scanning a document as well as for magnifying content/object for viewing in detail.


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