The new 2019 AirPods 2nd Generation
AirPods 2nd Gen

Should you buy the new 2019 AirPods 2nd Generation? Any time Apple releases a new product, tech enthusiasts around the world are met with a question. It is a familiar, recurring question where they ask themselves should they buy the product or wait until the next update.

We thought a quick review from us might help you make an informed decision about the new AirPods 2. We also incorporated all the improvements Apple made in this edition of AirPods over the original 2016 ones.

Earlier this week, Apple announced the new iteration of its wireless earbuds, the AirPods 2nd Generation. Better battery life, a Qi-compatible wireless charging case and ‘Hey Siri’ always ON are the upgrades.

No ‘black finish’ for you!

Before the product’s official announcement by Apple, there were a few speculations doing the rounds. Many anticipated Apple to release the latest AirPods in a black finish akin to the iPhone 7. Some even suggested that the product may sport multiple colors just like the iPods did.

Meanwhile, Apple has announced no other color options except for the existing white. In fact, they strongly hinted that they made the biggest changes on the inside.

For starters, Apple replaced the ‘W1’ chip from the 1st generation AirPods with the newly designed ‘H1’ wireless chip. This new chip is responsible for improved audio fidelity, better wireless performance and longer battery life.

AirPods 2nd Gen vs AirPods 1st Gen – The improvements

Are the improvements to AirPods 2nd Generation significant enough?

Apple claims the new AirPods to be better than the first gen in the following ways.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with an enhanced Bluetooth range instead of Bluetooth 4.2 of the previous gen AirPods.
  • 50% more talk time i.e., a total of 5 hours per charge.
  • More than 24 hours of listening time packed into the case with a full charge.
  • Double the speed of switching between devices.
  • New H1 chip that contributes to improvement in audio quality (bass-mids-treble balance), wireless range and stability in connection.
  • Faster call connection times and lower latency which cannot be noticed in most use-cases but in gaming.
  • Qi-compatible wireless charging and always standby ‘Hey, Siri’ function.
  • The new wireless charging case is backwards compatible with the original AirPods.

Should you buy 2019 AirPods 2nd Gen?

You’d be hard-pressed to resist this product if you do not already own the first one. The AirPods are such an exciting prospect already, serving both fashion and function. The brand value of Apple and the likelihood of you having an Apple device it connects to are the biggest factors that might swing your decision in favor of these wireless earbuds.

However, if you already own the 1st Generation AirPods, this might not be the most optimal time to upgrade. There are a few factors that makes us say that.

To begin with, the wireless charging case is not a default accessory. You can buy the 2019 AirPods at $159.00 which is the same as 1st gen. But, instead of the new wireless charging case, you’d get a wired charging case.

To order the new AirPods with the wireless charging case, you’d need to shell out $199, not $159. Additionally, you would have to buy a new Qi-Charger separately, if you do not already own one .

On the other hand, some might feel the urge to try out wireless charging without the upgrade. Surprisingly, it is possible. You can use wireless charging while keeping your 1st Gen AirPods for a while longer. This is because the new wireless charging case is backwards compatible. You can actually buy one for your existing AirPods at $79. You’d need a separate Qi-charger for it to work, though.

Also, do not expect the 1st gen AirPods to come at a discounted price now that the new ones released. Apple has discontinued the original AirPods and replaced them with the new 2019 ones with the price unchanged.

A 3rd Generation of AirPods?

Rumors and leaks of Apple working on the 3rd gen of AirPods are already out. According to them, the 2020 AirPods are undergoing a serious design change to accommodate some super cool features. The much awaited Noise Cancellation and water-proof/water resistant technology are some of them. Besides, expect a significant reduction in latency that is a huge factor for gaming and movies.

The attachment of these cool features to AirPods 3 adds further to our views about AirPods 2nd Generation. It provides more reasons to recommend our readers to pass up on this update and wait a little longer.

That has been our two cents in the matter. Please, tell us your observations about this product in the comments.


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