Nokia X is the first Android Smartphone from Nokia and you know it. However that doesn’t limit the android development related to Nokia X. Within few days of it’s release, XDA developer achieved root permission on Nokia X. If you have used any Android smartphone before then you might know rooting android is not enough. In order to customize Nokia X to it’s fullest you need to Install Nokia X ClockworkMOD Recovery. And this is what today’s guide is based on. Here you’ll come to know how to Install CWM Recovery on Nokia X. Just in case you don’t know CWM Recovery and ClockworkMOD Recovery both are same, CWM is the abbreviation of ClockworkMOD.

In order to follow up with this guide to Install Nokia X ClockworkMOD Recovery, you need to complete few pre-requirements. You need to enter few CMD (DOS) commands from your computer to flash/install CWM Recovery on Nokia X. Before that you need to establish a proper ADB (Android Debug Bridge) + SDK (Software Development Kit) connection between your PC and your Nokia X. Without proper Driver connection you won’t be able to flash recoveries. Wait, don’t worry, I am not going to skip those, just continue reading this guide for detailed step by step guide.

nokia x clockworkmod recovery
Nokia X running CWM [IMG Credit : XDA-developer]
The main thing that I missed above is you have to Root your device. Without achieving root or superuser right you won’t be able to install ClockworkMOD recovery on Nokia X as your device will not accept any kind of Fastboot commands from your Computer. So before you try to follow this guide please head over to our Nokia X Root guide and root your device successfully.

Requirement to Install CWM Recovery on Nokia X

1) A Windows Computer.

2) Fastboot Driver.

3) Nokia X Driver.

4) Nokia X CWM Recovery

How to Install Nokia X ClockworkMOD Recovery

1) First of all Install the Nokia X USB Driver supplied with Nokia X.

2) Reboot your PC.

3) Now Download Fastboot Driver from above requirement section and extract it on your desktop.

4) After that download the CWM Recovery for Nokia X (.IMG file) from above link and move it to that Extracted Fastboot Driver folder.

5) Connect your Nokia X to computer with USB cable supplied.

6) Open Fastboot folder, hold down Shift button + Right click on white area inside the Fastboot folder and choose “Open Command Window Here”.

7) Now that CMD window is opened, enter the following two commands one by one and press enter after each command.

  • adb reboot bootloader   [press enter button]
  • Fastboot -i 0×0421 flash recovery nokiaxrec.img   [press enter button] (here nokiaxrec is the name of that recovery image. )

That’s it, now CMD will start transferring and installing cwm Recovery on Nokia X. This procedure may take few minutes to complete so have patience. If everything goes correctly you’ll get a success message on black Command Prompt windows. When you get that, disconnect USB cable from Nokia X. Then, follow below steps to stop over writing Nokia X Recovery after every reboot.

Because this CWM Recovery for Nokia X is in beta stage there is a know bug present in it. However developer have found a simple way to overcome this bug, below you’ll find it.

How to Stop Nokia X Recovery from Overwriting after every reboot/restart

This is the most important phase comes after recovery installation. Most of the blogs with Nokia X Recovery installation guide won’t show these steps. But if you don’t go through these steps, your newly installed custom Nokia X ClockworkMOD recovery will be replaced by default stock recovery. So lets checkout how to do this…

1) Open any file manager with system folder access, like Es File explorer or Root Explorer. (If you don’t have it, install it)

2) Head over to this location >>> System/etc/

3) Search for the file named

4) Now rename it to

5) You’re all set.

Doing this step will stop your Nokia X from overwriting custom recovery after rebooting.

So that’s all, a complete step by step guide to Install Nokia X ClockworkMOD Recovery. If you liked this guide, please share it and recommend it to your friends. In case you have any problem to follow up this guide feel free to leave your problems in bellow comment box, I would try my best to reach you asap. Thanks.


  1. Hi bro as according to your instructions I clicked the “open command window” and typed the first command(adb reboot bootloader) and press enter but it apperes that “device not found” although I have my phone connected,have my UsB Debugging mode on and also have nokia x drivers on my pc

  2. hi bro. i installed the Clockwork Mod recovery then i booted it in the recovery mode but the Nokia system recovery i showing up. then i followed your steps to stop the system recovery from overwriting. but i can not change the name from to it is showing task failed. PLEASE HELP ME

    i will appreciate your help.

  3. i installed the CWM recovery now i received system update from Nokia NokiaX but i am unable to update it as it directly boots into CWM recovery not the nokia default recovery, help me to uninstall CWM recovery or update to

  4. can i install my nokia x without computer, eg, like samsung ‘update from sd card’ ,
    becoze i cant update my driver rm 980 in my system

  5. Hi, i have a problem and don’t know how to solve it… i done the TWRP to my nokia X, wipe the data, the cache, the dalvik, installed the cyanogenmod, and installed the Gapps but in the middle the Gapps installation aborted … i reboot the device .. in the result the device start up with cyanogenmod only .. without google with wifi & without mobile connection …
    i will appreciate your help


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