Want to know where and how to download IntelliScreenX 7  Repo iOS 7 free for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 7 or Up? read on… IntelliScreenX 7 is currently discharged for iOS 7 and any individual who has jailbreak their iOS 7 gadget can download IntelliScreenX 7 for free from Cydia.

This is completely uplifting news for the one who have been using IntelliScreenX since the very first moment. Cydia lovers who have been using IntelliScreenX must be concurred that it is one of the best Cydia apps ever. This must-have application has earned a ton of positive review from Cydia users and additionally press.

If somehow you have missed the chance to try IntelliScreenX 6, it is a good time to attempt IntelliScreenX 7 beta version on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in light of the fact that it is available for free.

Why Should You Download IntelliScreenX 7

If you’re an OLD IntelliScreenX user then you could simply jump to the bellow section. There you’ll find out how to download IntelliScreenX 7 for free. But if you’re new to this mind blowing cydia app, then you should read this. From the name itself you could easily identify the nature of this Cydia tweak/app.

Download IntelliScreenX 7 Free

It is completely related to your iOS 7 device lockscreen. It will enhance the lockscreen view to a certain limit that you will fall in love with it. With IntelliScreenX 7 you could customize your iOS 7 lockscreen in such a way that you will not have to Slide to Unlock all the time. Not even to read your Mail, Messages, Facebook notifications, Twitter tweets, Read News from Subscribed channels, Weather notification, RSS feeds etc.

Not only the Lock screen customization, with this cydia app you can also enhance the iOS 7 notification bar (just like the Android OS) so that it shows up specific icons for missed calls, messages, emails etc.

All in all IntelliScreenX 7 is a time saving cydia app or tweaks whatever you call it for your iOS 7 gadget. Apart from being useful it also gives a complete makeover to your device. So just like the thousands of iOS 7 users I would also say, IntelliScreenX 7 is a must have Cydia App.

Some of it’s important function in point wise below

  • View Messages, Email, Facebook notification, twitter tweets, News, RSS, Weather directly from lockscreen.
  • Adds Quick Reply option directly from lockscreen.
  • Adds specific icons for missed calls, messages, email etc., on notification bar.

How to Download IntelliScreenX 7 Free from Cydia

Free Download IntelliScreenX 7

Before you opt for downloading IntelliScreenX 7 make sure you have jailbroken your iOS 7 device. Because without jailbreak you won’t have cydia installer so it is not possible to download this free tweaks. However there is no recommended method to jailbreak your iOS gadget. You can use any technique just make sure you choose the right one.

After you’re done with jailbreak, open cydia app and simply search for the tweak/app named IntelliScreenX 7 & start installing it. Unlike other cydia app, for IntelliScreenX you don’t need to add any cydia sources or repository.

Currently the beta version is available for download. But you can try it on your device as no one reported any problem with this version. IntelliScreenX costs about $9.99 for the new user and $4.99 to those who had purchased IntelliScreenX 6.

As of now we couldn’t locate any cracked cydia repo which holds the 100% properly working free version of IntelliScreenX 7. But after a long search I found only 1 free IntelliScreenX 7 source but it might give some problem as and below it goes.

  • free source/repo URL : http://cydia.myrepospace.com/nihatmolla/

Please Note : We do not support apps piracy under any circumstance. The reason we’re posting this article is to help people find and try app before they make minds to purchase it.

If you’re true iOS lover, and respect the hard works from developer then it better to go with the premium version. $4.99 for such an awesome cydia tweaks is a pretty good investment.

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