Users ask us how to jailbreak their iOS device, all the time. Most of the time these are first time jailbreaking probably trying to jailbreak iPhone 6 plus or iPad Air 2 or relatively new members of the jailbreak community. For all who are confused or put off by the steps to jailbreak their device, here we have laid up a few thumb rules that are true to all jailbreak processes be it iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8 or later, iOS 7 or later etc. These are the basic rules whether you are using the Pangu jailbreak tool or the TaiG or the PP jailbreak.For people who are sure to jailbreak their devices, even after knowing that this would void their warranty here is the procedure.

iOS 8 Jailbreak tips for iPhone,iPad

Steps to Jailbreak iOS:

The first important step is to ensure that iTunes is installed in your PC or Mac, if not it has to be downloaded from Apple website and if you already have a copy of iTunes running on your computer, make sure it is the latest version of the software. Once this is done, the iOS device has to be connected to ensure iTunes acknowledges it. Another important step is to have a complete back up of your iPhone or iPad to get all important information safe. This could be done while connecting to iTunes, user has to select their device and choose Back up now option. Next you need to download the Pangu/TaiG/PP jailbreak tool whichever is relevant at that time from their respective official websites. After downloading, the user has to track down the file, right click on in and choose run as administrator option. Give the system few seconds to identify the device and click on the icon that states start jailbreak following the instructions given in the display page at the time.

The entire process is now completed by following the little instructions given to you by the tool like “Disable Find my iPhone” and “Disable the Passcode”. The entire jailbreaking process might take a few minutes and your device would reboot several times during this. The device might take the user through the initial set up from Apple and finally a new app icon of the jailbreak tool you chose would open on the iPad or iPhone after the jailbreak is complete. Next, the user has to choose install Cydia which behaves like a repository for jailbreak tweaks just like the App store for iOS. But most jailbreak tools come bundled with Cydia nowadays so do not bother if Cydia icon already appeared on your screen right after jailbreak.

If not, the next step is to hit on the install icon that papers on the upper right corner, system might reboot again, which has to be allowed. Cydia icon would now sit on the home screen.

Warning to be kept in mind before you jailbreak iPhone 6 plus or lower:

It has been already discussed that jailbreaking may result in loss of data and users are required to have complete back up of their files, before starting up the Jailbreaking process. Another warning is that, some of the unofficial apps that users would get access once jailbreaking is done are tempting and would offer features that would otherwise be inaccessible. This might harm the device at a later stage and jailbreaking is not straightforward. The process also is not legally authorized, it is risky and would get the user get void of all warranties that user has with Apple. Apple company also suggests that jailbreaking iOS device would lead to instability, security vulnerability and sometimes shortened battery life, disruption of services etc. But still jailbreaking seems to be the most favorite task for all Apple fans for years and have been doing this without encountering any issues.


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