The Apple Watch has been a true success story in Apple’s newer batch of gadgets. It is as experts call such products, like HomePod, AirPods etc an Apple ecosystem device. But it has seen so much popularity that famous watch brands like Fossil have been handed a heavy blow in their price category. Anyway, you are here to learn how to Reset Apple Watch Ultra without Passcode.

How to reset Apple Watch Ultra without passcode
How to reset Apple Watch Ultra without passcode

But the thing with making a simple device as a watch, a smart device, is that it increases complexity. Complexity that was hitherto unheard of. For starters, you need to charge your watch every two days-ish.

Then you have your information overload, customizations and a whole lot of extra activity that eats into your day. Of course, the positives outweigh the distractions for a lot of people. But the thing about creating a personalized watch is that you have one more security concern to worry about.

If you are like me and set all your passwords close to each other, then you can be saved. But if you are an ultra-secure person and choose a passcode so complicated that you forget it, then you better be backing it up frequently. You’ve either got to have backed up your Apple Watch Ultra to your other device like iPhone and Mac, or to iCloud.

Or else you are going to set your Apple Watch anew. You can also read out guide on how to unpair your Apple Watch Ultra without an iPhone.

How to reset your Apple Watch Ultra without Passcode

Note: Before you begin the process of resetting your Apple Watch, you need to know that the Watch cannot be restored into your previous settings unless you have a previous backup available on your iPhone.

The backups of Apple Watch on Watch App
The backups of Apple Watch on Watch App

Steps to Reset Apple Watch Ultra if you forgot the Passcode

Here's where your Watch backups are located on iPhone disk
Here’s where your Watch backups are located on iPhone disk
  1. Place your Apple Watch on its charger.
  2. Press down the side button and hold it until the Power Off option appears on screen.
  3. Now press and hold the Digital Crown until you see ‘Erase all content and settings’ on screen.
  4. Tap on ‘reset’ and then confirm reset by tapping one more time.
  5. Now, once this process finishes, you can set up your Apple Watch again.
  6. Finally, while setting up your Apple Watch afresh, when your iPhone prompts you:
    • Choose to restore from a backup that you created earlier.
    • In case you do not have a backup or if you do not need your previous settings and customizations to be restored, then choose set up as new.
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