Ever wished to replace or change Control center Background with pictures, patterns or colors which would make your iPhone or iPad looks completely different from others? be it iOS 8 or iOS 7, this cydia tweak that we’re going to provided will ultimately change background of the control center with your chosen design.

Control Center is one of the main aspect of iOS operating system, it holds 1/3 of the beauty. So there’s no way you could neglect it if you like customizing and want’s to make your device look sexy/unique.

I came across this unique tweak while making an aide on iOS 8 3g toggles. We had to try all the similar cydia tweaks just to ensure I provide the best one here. While trying few related to CC tweak, I wrongly installed the said tweak from cydia and found it’s awesome. So I thought to share with you guys too.

I really don’t know if this tweak is new or very new to market, coz it has been mentioned in very few website. Anyway it’s no use for you, all you wanted to know is how to change control center background, so let’s get to it.

We tested this tweak with two different devices iPad Mini and iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1 and it worked flawlessly. So I am pretty sure it will work with all other i-devices.

Change Control Center Background iOS 8

The Cydia tweak we’re going to use to change control center background is called CCBackground. It’s not so difficult to operate, all you need to do is install the tweak, open it, choose the preferred image and enable CCBackground.

CC Background tweak is officially available on Bigboss repo for free, so if you need to add Bigboss repo first (if you don’t have it already) in order to proceed with bellow guide.

Note :- This tweak need a jailbroken device, there is no way you could install it on a jailed device. So first of all move to our iOS 8.1 Jailbreak guide and accomplish it.

Adding Bigboss repo :-

  • Launch Cydia Application from springboard.
  • Scroll to the middle and tap More Package Sources.
  • Select Bigboss Repo option.
  • Tap Okay.

That’s it, you’re done with Bigboss repo installation. Let’s move to the next step where we’ll see how to install CCBackground and activate it.

Installing CC Background :-

  • Relaunch Cydia Application.
  • Tap the search icon situated at the bottom-left corner of your home screen.
  • Type CCBackground. (without space)
  • Select it.
  • Tap install, followed by confirm.
  • Wait for the installation to over, it might take a bit of time as I have seen the CC packages are slow to download.
  • When done, you’ll need to restart springboard.

How to Change Control Center Background

Now we’re heading toward the end, so here you’ll see how to activate this tweak and replace the blurry control center bg with nice picture.

  • Launch Setting.
  • Scroll toward the end and choose CCBackground option.
  • Now enable the tweak.


  • After that tap select image and choose your desired picture. (It is recommended that you use any light background otherwise the toggle switches will not be visible, check our screenshot.)
  • Optional Step :- If you want the background to be default while you’re in landscape mode then enable No Image in Landscape mode option.

So that’s all guys, hope you enjoyed this tweak. Like I said above please use any light color like green or light blue as background to make it more appealing. Soon I will post make a post with bunch of wallpaper of different size which looks good with control center, so stay tuned. so if you liked this guide please share it and leave feedback bellow, Thanks.



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