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What is so unique about Apple SIM & iPad’s new disruptive features?

Apple SIM Carrier Menu1
Apple SIM Carrier Menu1

The latest iPad range from Apple would not include a SIM card slot but comes packed with a preinstalled chip called Apple SIM that supports multiple operators and would offer its users the flexibility of switching between many short duration plans offered by operators across USA and UK. Apple SIM works on many new models including iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. This new feature would help users to choose a plan from local operators while they travel abroad as well. It is also likely that roaming between the US and UK continents would be made more manageable and cheaper for users of the operators who participate with Apple SIM. The company also assures on the release of Apple Pay that features the new NFC technology to make payments made through mobile easy and would be authorized with fingerprint scanning as well. Some retailers who have paired up with apple to get this advantage include Groupon, Starbucks, Ticketmaster and Uber.

Apple Sim
Apple Sim

Apple Pay has been getting considerable reaction and would be attracting more merchants, banks and companies making people love to pay through their iOS device. But there is one problem that is associated with it. With the help of Apple SIM and Apple Pay that is bulging out from upgraded iPad, it seems that Apple brinks about a disruption in the wireless industry and with mobile money. Even when Apple unveiled two new products, the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 recently, it did not mention in deep the product aspects of the new iPad Air and about Apple SIM.  This new feature from apple, which the company chooses not to promote at this point of time, could bring major disruption in the world of carriers.


Apple SIM Carrier Menu
Apple SIM Carrier Menu

According to Apple, the new Apple SIM is a SIM that comes installed on the new iPad mini3 and iPad Air 2. This SIM allows users to switch between carriers and helps them setting cellular page for their apps and also help them buy plans from carriers by passing the process of getting contracts that are 12 or 24 months long. In short, users could switch carriers without signing any reliable and long term contracts with them with the help of a simple SIM card. In the US, this SIM could be used on T mobile, Sprint and AT&T and in the UK; EE supports the SIM at present. Thus this APPLE SIM in the new iPads would be a game changer in the entire cellular industry and offer more control for APPLE users compared with other carriers. It has been expected that this SIM would be a worst nightmare for cell phone carriers when this SIM comes to be introduced in iPhones as well, which is expected to happen quite shortly. Apple seems to have done this to offer a giant leap in the market of iPads and iPod touch, the company has rightly understood that minor improvements in its products would not help prove its stand in the bigger market and to instill the wow factor in the minds of its customers.

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