Many iPad users feel that there aren’t many Cydia Sources that cater the needs of specially an iPad when it comes to stuff like tweaks, themes etc. All the Cydia blogs seem to concentrating only on iPhone.

For those of you iPad users that would like specially selected tweaks or themes on iPad for iOS 7 this is the right place.

Below, we have made a list of some cool iOS 7 WinterBoard Themes for iPad both Free and Paid.

List of 5 Best WinterBoard Themes for iPad iOS 7

Pastels DaCo – Free

aura winterboard theme for ipad

If you are looking for a minimalist iOS7 WinterBoard Theme that deviates from the otherwise bright and colorful iOS7 look, then feel free to check out this free theme. Pastels DaCo is a theme that gives a toned down look that has a sort of darker feel to it.

ToyO – $ 2.99

toyo winterboard theme for ipad

If you already like the bright and colorful iOS 7 environment but feel that it needs to have some extra features then ToyO is the one for you. This theme fits right in to the iOS 7 feel but has this nice shadowy effect that a lot of people enjoy.

Ayeris – $ 3.99

ayeris winterboard theme for ipad

Ayeris is a well-known WinterBoard theme to most iPhone users. Those of you who already like Ayeris on iPhone are bound to enjoy it on iPad as well. It has a very good UI with attention to minute details. The icons on this theme are awesome. If $ 3.99 seems to be a bit on the costly side you might be happy to note that you can purchase it for $ 0.99 if you had already purchase Ayeris for your iPhone.

Aura – $ 2.99

aura winterboard theme for ipad

This is also a well-known WinterBoard theme for iPhone users. But we have tried and tested its subtle changes on iPad and liked it very much. The icon mask on this theme gives the icons a smaller size and an attractive shape. It is a minimalist theme with flat colors and a complete change-over from the regular iOS 7 environment. It is up for receiving an update soon on iPad, and the iPhone version has been recently updated. It is a favorite of many users so go for it if you feel like it.

Oxygen – $ 2.99

oxygen winterboard theme for ipad

The icons on this theme have a slight 3D effect with a shadow as you can see in the picture. They stand out very well and look very slick. Oxygen is a well-known WinterBoard iPhone theme and it stands as a top theme even for the iPad.

That’s it for the list of Top 5 Best iOS 7 WinterBoard Themes for iPad. We made a longer list of WinterBoard Themes for iPhone in general in our previous post given in this link below

Top 20 Best WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7.1.2

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