Looking for a cloud based iPhone and iPad Torrent Downloader? ZbigZ has been a great cloud based download management system over the years. But a lot of users have been complaining about the lack of features for free users and bad experience for premium users in speed and reliability. With that in view, we have compiled a list of top 7 ZbigZ alternatives out there, which may be better in features and service.

Here is the list of Top 7 Cloud Torrent Downloader Websites like zbigz

  1. Seedr
  2. Bitport.io
  3. Offcloud
  4. Filestream
  5. Torrent Safe
  6. Put.io
  7. Furk.net
Top 7 Alternatives to ZbigZ.com
Top 7 Alternatives to ZbigZ.com

Why We Need Apps Like ZbigZ for Torrent downloads?

Apple mobile devices are notorious for not allowing torrent apps and sources.

There may be other industrial and office devices such as company laptops and servers which do not allow users to download torrents on them.

The reasons for such rules may be different for each of these companies.

But there are certain work arounds that the user can use to circumvent their systems and still download torrents. The best among those methods is using a cloud based client which allows you to download torrents to their servers first.

After that you can download that file back on to your iPhone, iPad or any other system.

The most famous cloud based system to download so far has been ZbigZ.

But some users may not prefer to use or not able to use ZbigZ on their system. It may be due to their features or their firewall problems.

But there exist a huge number of alternatives to ZbigZ which are cloud based systems that allow you to download any files online to their servers.

These are the Top 7 ZbigZ alternatives to download torrents on iPhone, iPad and other closed systems.

But before that, in order to download torrents, you must use a VPN to protect your privacy and security from malware online.

Please go through article on the best 15 VPN services for 2023 for a thorough understanding of the different plans and services each of those top VPNs offer.

Top 7 ZbigZ alternatives for Cloud based download of Torrents on iPhone and iPad

1. Seedr.cc – iPhone Torrent Downloader

Seedr is truly a great alternative to ZbigZ. Unlike ZbigZ which has a free limit of just 1GB, Seedr amazingly offers 2GB limit for all its free users. What’s better?

They even allow you to keep reusing the 2GB space whenever you need by just clearing out old stuff.

In addition, users can also increase their base storage on their free account from 2GB to 3 or even 4GB.

Seedr has created these promotion plans where, by promoting Seedr on twitter or recommending it to your friends, you can get a free bump up of your storage.

Another good thing about Seedr is that, if your file is a video file, you can stream it directly from Seedr without the need of downloading it.

This saves you time and data, if you are limited in resources.

Additionally, you can chromecast that content to your other screens.

Here is the plan chart for Seedr.cc subscription.

iPhone Torrent Downloader Seedr Plans
Seedr.cc premium plans explained

Seedr has a tremendous 4.1/5 stars on Truspilot from a total of 43 reviews.

Among these, 53% are 5 star reviews, 21% are 1 stars and 14% are 4 star ratings.

2. Bitport.io – iPhone Torrent Downloader

According to techspree bitport.io is a much better service than ZbigZ and we quote

“Forget about ZbigZ and their crappy servers, Here we present to you BitPort which has been giving a great service regarding direct torrent download and cloud storage.”

Like many cloud based download servers, you’ll need to register to use bitport.

They provide 1GB, 1 slot and 1 torrent per day for free. This chart shows their pricing details for you.

iPhone Torrent Downloader bitport.io Plans
bitport.io cloud storage plans

Bitport.io has an overall rating of 3.0 out of 5 stars on the online reputation gauging site Trustpilot.

It has got 81% 5 stars and 9% 1 stars which is a good sign.

3. Offcloud – iPhone Torrent Downloader

Offcloud.com is know for speed, interface and having good support for popular download sources.

It gives you access to download from cyberlockers like RapidgatorUploaded or Baidu.

Of course, you can fetch content using Bittorrent magnets and torrent files. You can access any data hosted on Usenet and Newsgroups.

Further, it can capture and convert streaming from media sites like YouTube and Soundcloud.

You can synchronise downloads with your other cloud accounts at Microsoft, Google, Mega.nz, Amazon cloud and dropbox.

Upload to FTP, SSH or WebDav servers.

A free account gives you a lifetime free data storage of 10GB and 3 links and none later.

Here are the plans of Offcloud in a chart.

iPhone Torrent Downloader offcloud.com Plans
Premium plans on offcloud.com

On Trustpilot offcloud.com has got an overall rating of 3.6/5 stars. While this seems better than bitport, it has 59% 5 star ratings with 36% 1 stars.

4. Filestream – iPhone Torrent Downloader

Filestream.me is the best ZbigZ alternative when it comes to download speed.

The speed can go upto 1 GBPS. And the download limit as high as 100GB per file for premium accounts.

The great thing about downloading torrents using Filestream is that you can choose which files to leave and which ones to download from your torrent just like in Bittorrent.

The pricing starts at just $2 which is great for beginners.

It also comes with an included file manager like IDM to stream movies online, without having to download.

iPhone Torrent Downloader filestream.me Plans
Pricing and plans of filestream.me subscription
iPhone Torrent Downloader filestream.me Plans
Pricing and plans of filestream.me subscription
iPhone Torrent Downloader filestream.me Plans
Pricing and plans of filestream.me subscription

Filestream.me has an overall rating of 3.2/5 stars on Trustpilot.

Among them there are 50% are 3 star ratings and 50% are 2 star ratings.

5. Torrent Safe – iPhone Torrent Downloader

Torrentsafe.com is another cloud service that allows you to download torrents.

But in addition to most features offered by all of these sites, torrensafe.com offers free anonymous downloads. Seriously, you don’t even need to register for TorrentSafe to use it.

On a free account you can download unlimited number of torrents per month.

But the file size you are allowed is 1GB.

So, for those specific users who like to download small to medium size files frequently but not large files once in a while, this is a blessing.

Especially since the competition’s free plans are not so lenient in these features.

It’s good to have companies that have free plans that cover everything when seen together.

A much better scenario, this, than every company trying to put a paywall for the same features and provide for free the same features.

Here are the subscription plans of torrentsafe.com.

iPhone Torrent Downloader Torrent Safe Plans
Subscription plans for Torrent Safe

TorrentSafe.com has a whopping 4.4/5 stars on Trustpilot.com.

What’s more is 90% of them are 5 star ratings and only 8% of the ratings are 1 star rated.

The rest 2% being 4 star ratings, incidentally.

6. Put.io – iPhone Torrent Downloader

Put.io is an up and coming cloud download service that is getting a lot of accolades lately.

You can share the files you downloaded with friends for 72 hours, using put.io.

They even have a mobile app of their own which you can download and access all your files and media from you mobile.

The great thing about put.io is that if you have an RSS feed that you want to link to this download service, you can add it to put.io.

This way you can download your favourite files and media from a single RSS feed whenever the author releases a new file or media, immediately.

Apart from that, it is also one of the fastest services out there that you can use to download your online stuff.

But the one thing that sort of goes against put.io for beginners is that it is only a paid service.

It does not have a single free plan. Not even a nominal one with minimal features.

The minimum plan starts at $9.99 a month while you can try it for a day by paying $0.99. Here are all the plans offered by put.io for its premium subscriptions.

iPhone Torrent Downloader put.io Plans
put.io premium plans for monthly subscribers
iPhone Torrent Downloader put.io Plans
put.io premium plans for yearly subscribers

As you can see from the above charts, you can save money if you subscribe the yearly plans instead of the monthly plans. Only if that time frame suits you of course.

Being a newer player in the cloud seeding game, Put.io does not have a lot of ratings to go by on Trustpilot.

7. Furk.net – iPhone Torrent Downloader

Furk.net is another great service to use for downloading torrents. It is a premium only service, unlike most other services on this list which have free entry plans.

This is one of the top reliable personal storage services. They are also offering a 10% discount if you pay using Bitcoin.

iPhone Torrent Downloader Furk.net Plans
Subscription plans of Furk.net


These are the top 7 ZbigZ alternatives we come across online to download torrents on iPad and iPhone, or any other device for that matter.

Each picked from a wide user base and trusted recommendations of reviewing sites.

If you have a recommendation to make which you think deserves to be considered one of the top ZbigZ alternatives please mention it in the comments.

If you run one of these services, please contact us so we can test them.


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