A lot of people use iCloud to back up their contacts hoping that iCloud lets you bring back your contacts to your new iPhone or iPad quickly. But it sometimes ends as a frustrating task as some people have been facing problems like missing a few contacts after getting them back from iCloud. If you are facing a similar problem or any other problem concerning iCloud backed up contacts, here is a method to restore all your contacts from your most recent iCloud back up in a few steps.

How to Recover Deleted iCloud Contacts to iPhone, iPad

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to iCloud

restore iCloud contacts to iPhone

  • Turn on the Contacts option in iCloud (if it’s already turned ON, turn it OFF then turn it ON again). This will start the re-download process.

restore iCloud contacts to iPad

  • After this a dialog box appears asking whether to keep the existing contacts on your iPhone, iPad or Delete them.
  • Tap on the Delete option.

recover contacts from iCloud iPhone iPad

  • Sometimes an additional option appears in this dialog called Merge the Contacts. If this appears for you choose this instead of Delete.
  • Now tap the Contacts app or the Phone app and check whether all of your contacts have been recovered.

This process might take a few minutes to make all your contacts appear on your phone. This fix works for the users who have the problem of missing contacts after having restored them to their iPhone or iPad using iCloud.


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    The whole process is easy and guaranteed.


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