Enabling Wi-Fi Sync in iTunes on your Windows laptop or PC for your iPhone can be of great help, especially if you are too busy to bother syncing your iPhone every time using a USB cable.

Both your iPhone and your Windows PC must be on the same Wi-Fi network to Wi-Fi sync on iTunes. This way you can transfer your desired files from the computer to the iPhone over Wi-Fi. The sync settings in this case will be the same settings that you set when you previously synced using a USB cable.

But in order to set up Wi-Fi sync, you need to enable it in the iTunes on your computer.

Turn on Wi-Fi syncing

backup iPhone on Windows with iTunes
Connect your iPhone to your Laptop or PC
  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer either over Wi-Fi or using a USB cable.
  2. Open iTunes on your Windows device and click the iPhone symbol on the top left side.
  3. Click on Summary on the left.
  4. In there, select “Sync with your iPhone name over Wi-Fi”.
  5. Click on Apply to complete it.
  6. Also while you are in there, check your sync settings in each of the file types on left bar.
  7. Make sure to click on all the things you want like Photos, music etc., to be synced to your iTunes.
  8. Now disconnect the cable.

You will see that your iPhone is still showing up in the iTunes app on your Windows computer. This means that your device is still connected. You can keep it that way and when you are done, pressing the eject button near the iPhone symbol at the top, shaped like triangle place over a thick line, in iTunes will disconnect the iPhone again.

When you eject using this button, the device gets removed for now, but the Wi-Fi sync settings remain. From now on, whenever you open iTunes on that Windows computer, and your iPhone is on the same network, the iPhone icon reappears in iTunes.

Syncing iPhone to Windows PC over Wi-Fi

iPhone Wi-Fi Sync on Windows with iTunes
Wi-Fi sync with iTunes on Windows

Now that we have turned on the Wi-Fi sync setting on iTunes, this part should be a piece of cake.

  1. Simply start charging you iPhone using the provided charger in any power outlet in your house.
  2. Open your Windows computer and run iTunes software. The syncing begins automatically.
  3. In there, click on the iPhone icon we mentioned earlier. Now, click on the Sync button in there, to drag and drop your desired content or files, to be synced into your iPhone.

In this method you cannot restore your iOS software from a backup or to factory settings. When you are syncing the same iPhone to multiple computers, make sure that file or content type your sync on each computer is different and not mixed up.

When you are doing a Wi-Fi sync, it can feel slower than over the cable. You can shift to cable even when the sync is happening and operation transfers to the cable now. But while syncing using a cable if you suddenly disconnect, the syncing stops even as the Wi-Fi sync settings are still turned on.


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