How to fix iTunes error 3194, iPhone could not be restored (For Windows and Mac OS)

It’s always a nightmare when Apple’s Official Tools start showing error. Recently many iPhone,iPad or iPod users are coming across iTunes error 3194 when you try to restore or update your iPhone,iPad or iPod using iTunes. The same error is occurring even when trying to sync the iPhone with iTunes.

iTunes error 3194

After practically trying out the known solutions to iTunes error 3194, I’ve come across a few methods of solving this error.

The most probable reasons for getting this error are:

  1. Sometimes the Anti-virus that you are using on your PC/Mac may cause this error. In such cases try disabling your anti-virus and run the restore again.
  2. Another reason can be that firewall blocks some files from accessing data. In such cases try disabling firewall during this process or select the option to allow iTunes through firewall. After this, try the restoring process again.
  3. Internet connectivity issues are also a main cause for this error.This may be due to your VPN settings in offices or Universities that do not allow connection with validation server, so if you are trying to restore or update your iPhone over such networks with limited VPN, make sure you try some place with no proxy settings.

Even after trying out the above simple steps if you are still getting the error, then follow the below two methods that I’ve successfully used.

Method-I: The most predominant cause for this error to occur has been the hosts file issue in windows and mac. This may be due to the outdated version of iTunes software you are using. This creates some complications with the iTunes hosts file on your PC/Mac and the Apple’s validation server. The problem here is iTunes cannot contact Apple’s servers through DNS.

This problem can be overcome by following these simple steps on your windows/mac.

  1. Unplug  your iPhone from the PC after the iTunes error 3194 message shows and close the iTunes software.
  2. First of all you need to be logged in as administrator(admin) on your computer.
  3. Go to the hosts file location on your PC.

              For windows:    C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

windows hosts file location

              For mac:               /etc/

mac etc hosts file location

  1. There is a file called ‘hosts’ in that folder. Open the hosts file using notepad/text edit or any text editor.
  2. Then you need to find the line , delete that line and save the file without changing its name.

For Windows:error 3194 in windows


For Mac:iTunes error 3194

6. Finally, plug in your iPhone, iPod or iPad into your PC again and start the iTunes software.
7. Now  try updating or restoring your iPhone, iPad, iPod using iTunes software. This time you will be able to successfully do it without getting iTunes error 3194.

Method-II: If your iTunes software does not function properly or does not open at all, due to some bugs in the iTunes software, then the below mentioned alternative method will show you how to restore/update your iOS without having to use iTunes.

  1. In this method the restoration is done using an app called TinyUmbrella. Before proceeding to use this method you need to check if your iPhone and iOS are compatible with TinyUmbrella app.
  2. Close the iTunes software if it is opened.
  3. Download TinyUmbrella for windows/mac OS.
  4. You need to have admin access on your PC.
  5. Open TinyUmbrella, select your iPhone/iPod/iPad type.
  6. Select Advance tab section.
  7. Untick the box ‘set hosts to cydia on exit’.
  8. Then, save the settings and apply changes.

That’s it. Hope you guys have been able to overcome the iTunes error 3194 using my detailed solutions. For any more persisting problems on this issue mention your queries in the comments section below.


  1. hey every one i have tried each and every thing but that error didn’t go
    try doing in a different Pc and that works
    the problem is with the itunes sometimes when we update it
    or reinstall it get bug and errors and that problem occurs if on a different computer it works for u then try reinstalling ur computer or clean that itunes junk properly and reinstall

  2. this is fucking the same bullshit everyone is talking about but it FIXED NOTHING !!!!!!! GodDAmn IT!

  3. No its still stuck with error 3194. Really must be something else, internet posters just keep repeating these instructions completely unaware that they do not solve the problem. My PC has no firewall, no antivirus, hosts file is empty, tuny umbrella cant be used cause all it finds is an ipad connected to DFU and lists OTA, nothing else. My ipad was jailbroken years ago with ios 7.03. I am now willing to factory reset it and use the latest un-jailbroken 8.4, but no luck, either using the latest or any other ipsw

    • i also update my iphone 4s(jailbreak) but i gets an error then stop updating .after that it end in connect to fucking itunes. damn 3194 is bullshit do you figure it out ?

  4. Tried all things, still having same error…
    Ipad 2, GSM, Jailbroken from Cydia.
    When I attempted to update the software it gone into the recovery mode. It is not coming out of it, neither restoring or updating it.
    Please help me…


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