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How to Fix Accidentally Deleted Cydia App Installer on iOS 7


You might think that How could someone delete Cydia App Installer icon itself from Apps drawer but the truth is you think this way because you haven’t deleted it yet. While going through few famous iOS 7 / iPhone forum I found there are lots of people who have accidentally deleted cydia app installer from iPhone / ipad and wants any easy way to reinstall – recover it. If you were one of them who deleted cydia accidentally then start following this guide, I guarantee you’ll be able to fix it.

Accidentally Deleted Cydia App

Almost all the forums & blogs shows only 1 way to overcome this problem & that is Re-Jailbreak, which leaves no choice to people and they have to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad again to get the cydia app back. But here we will show 3 different ways to re-install the accidentally deleted cydia application.

We will start our guide with the well know Jailbreak process, yes our first attempt to get deleted Cydia App back will be reinstalling the Jailbreak, next we will show you iFile method and the final one which is OpenSSH method. So lets begin with our first process.

How to Fix Accidentally Deleted Cydia on iOS 7

Process 1 : Re-Jailbreak or Reinstalling Jailbreak

Those who lost Cydia app accidentally are well know with iOS Jailbreak, because you have done it once and that’s the only reason you selected it as Process 1. I know many of you has already guessed that Re-Jailbreak would get the cydia application back but you want to confirm it and i.e, why you’re here.

Process 2 : Installing Cydia with iFile

If you want to explore and bit more and don’t want to go through the same jailbreak procedure again to get back deleted cydia app then here is iFile for you. However this process is only applicable if you already have the iFile application installed on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open safari browser on your iOS device.
  • Type or Copy-Paste this url on to your search bar and save the file :-

This > http://apt.saurik.com/debs/cydia_1.1.9_iphoneos-arm.deb
This > http://apt.saurik.com/debs/cydia_1.1.8_iphoneos-arm.deb

  • Now open iFile and install cydia on iOS 7.
  • Reboot/restart your phone to see the changes.

Process 3 : OpenSSH method.

This process needs an app called OpenSSH which is only available though cydia source, this app is mainly used by developer to enter certain command directly from computer. So if you don’t have the app installed on your device then this process isn’t for you, follow Process 1 or 2.

Open command Line and enter the following command one after one. Make sure to hit enter button after every command to make it work.

  • type apt-get install cydia [enter]
  • su mobile -c uicache [enter]

So that’s it, hope this guide worked for you. Please like and share it. To get more updates related to iOS follow us on FacebookTwitter. Thanks for following our guide.