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The Philosophy of Jailbreak – iOS X.Y.Z


Apple has released iOS 8.2 on Monday, in effect, killing off the TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.2 beta 1 iOS 8.2 beta 2. This was just an intermediate jailbreak that was released by the TaiG team for the convenience of those iOS users who have accidentally upgraded to iOS 8.1.3, without giving it much thought.

So, those users who are on iOS 8.2 (beta 1 and beta 2) better remain on those versions for some more time. This also goes to all those jailbreakers who are sitting pretty on their iOS 8.1.2 or earlier TaiG Jailbreak. We recommend you not to upgrade to iOS 8.2 as of now because it might be a little while before it is deemed jailbreakable.

Why do Jailbreaks Take so long?

The reason for slowing up the jailbreak release time may depend on a few factors. The most prominent reason behind hackers not releasing a jailbreak left, right and center, for every upgrade that Apple throws at us is because of the lack of exploits (exploits are like loopholes in a firmware, using which one can hack it for multiple purposes).

While demanding for a jailbreak, a user must first realize that it is not a Tennis match between Apple and the Jailbreak community, and that you cannot go on expecting a new jailbreak to be released every time a new iOS X.X.X update is made available.

Why should you not Upgrade to iOS 8.2 (or any new update)?

After all, jailbreak is not an official Apple preference and apparently, Cydia and it’s associates violate a substantial number of Apple’s core principles, especially when it comes to Paid Apps. For these very reasons, Apple has been working consciously (in every new update) to negate the jailbreak of its previous releases.

So, as an enthusiastic jailbreaker, one must never go ahead of themselves and Upgrade to every single update the App Store throws at us. My one single request to all the jailbreak brethren would be not to upgrade to a new firmware as soon as it is officially available if you are truly interested in using your jailbroken interface on a consistent basis.

It is always important and is imperative that you sit back and watch until the latest jailbreak unveils itself, in all its glory, from one Source or the other. It is so painful for people like us, to witness our users going through this non-jailbreakable struggle, like the one that recently happened with iOS 8.1.3.

Jailbreak Teams Over the Years

As most of you may already know, jailbreaking is a game of exploits. That means, “No more exploits = No more jailbreak”. This statement is a clear indicator of why every loop hole in the firmware should not be made use of for each and every silly update. This is a virtue that earlier jailbreak teams like RedSn0w and evad3rs seemed to have followed as they sometimes delayed their Jailbreak release for multiple updates.

Over the years, jailbreaking has become a competition of sorts and thereby brought a number of new players like Pangu, TaiG and lately PP jailbreak teams to the fore. But what it has done is that, in order to prove each other’s greatness (no offense intended), each team has ended up using all its exploits in the iOS platform.

Such a mistake can cost us more time before finding new ways of jailbreaking further updates and in turn delays the update of Cydia and then, we know how long our favorite tweaks take to update.

But for iOS 8.1.3, the Jailbreak community took the wise decision of leaving it alone and wait for iOS 8.2 to be released. As soon as beta 1 and beta 2 of this version were online, they were ready to be jailbroken by the TaiG tool.

But, further bad news broke that the new, completed version of iOS 8.2 that has been seeded on Monday, kills off that TaiG jailbreak and the updated users would have to wait another umpteen days to finally get their hands on Cydia.

Finally, Something Positive!

However, this time around, the story might be different. Critical firmware updates such as iOS 8.2 are seen both by Apple and the jailbreak community alike. They are the ones to watch out for. The proximity of iOS 8.2 update might have been the reason why iOS 8.1.3 had been overlooked by the Jailbreak teams(and rightly so), thus giving them more time and one more unused exploit to make use of.

Another little upside is that, for desperate users, the Pangu team has come up with a work around solution. On their website, they have put out a Tool called “Unofficial Pangu” tool, using which you can use a lot of Jailbreak apps and tweaks, but not all of them. You cannot get Cydia Substrate, but you can use the Cydia interface via your very own web browser- Safari, like an online app interface.

The Pangu team has named this process as “semi-jailbreak”. This might be useful if you are a non-stop user of all the jailbreak stuff.

There’s another bright spot now that the Pangu and TaiG jailbreak teams are working together on the new jailbreak. The fact that everyone has taken time since the release of iOS 8.1.2, one can surely be optimistic and say that, the new, stable jailbreak for iOS 8.2 complete version is just around the corner. I personally think that it is just a matter of a week or two.

Anyway, the main point of this aritcle, and the point that I wanted to get through to you, all my users, is:

Please do not upgrade your delicious jailbroken iDevice and kill off the jailbreak that you may not be able to get back until months on end, sometimes.”

This statement is going to seem more and more prominent as this year passes by, since there is a flurry of iOS updates in the pipeline right now, like iOS 8.3 (beta version already released), iOS 8.4 (Apple’s working on it) and iOS 9 which is, apparently, only a few months away.

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