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iTransmission 4 – Best iPhone Torrent Downloader App for iOS 7


Wondering if you could download torrent on iPhone ? Yes there are few cydia apps available which could download torrent on iPhone but hardly anyone of them work on iOS 7 or up. Previously on iOS 6 I had used a lots of such iPhone torrent downloader app which used to work flawlessly but when I tried to download on iOS 7.0.4, Cydia showed an error message “This App is not compatible with your Current iOS version”. I felt sad but that didn’t stop me from searching. And after an extensive search on lots of repos I finally found iTransmission the Best iPhone Torrent Downloader App.

Best iPhone Torrent Downloader
iTransmission 4 App iCon

With iTransmission torrent downloader you could easily download any torrent files from any host be it Movies, Musics or Games. I will show you how to use the iTransmission app below, but first lets discuss some of it features.

iPhone Torrent Downloader : Features

User Interface :

Previous version of this app look damn boring, but with the new update 4.5 it makes lots of improvement in UI (check picture below).

Connections / Port :

Like actual torrent client in iTransmission you could also set the maximum number of port you want to active per torrent. Here the maximum number of connections is limited 80 (0 – 80).

Note : As per iTransmission, “Too many connections will make your device unstable”, I think it is only applicable from iPhone 4 or lower. iPhone 4S & up could easily handle it.

iTransmission 4 [Bandwidth adjustment panel]

Upload Limit :

There is also an option to limit the Upload speed/bandwidth which disabled by default. But if you got a slow connection like me then you should enable the upload limit.

Note : As per app, “30KB/s is recommended for upload”, (mine set to 10KB/s)

Download Limit :

Disabled by default, I think no one will mind to achieve maximum download speed, so let it as it is.

iTransmission 4 [Setting Panel]

Network Interface :

Last but not the least there is an option to toggle between WiFi Network & Cellular Network. From here you can choose the mode you prefer to download Torrent Files. WiFi Network is selected by default.

iTransmission : Best iPhone Torrent Downloader App

iTransmission is officially available on BigBoss repo for free, yes it’s a completely free application.

To download this app from cydia first you need to add BigBoss repo. If you have the BigBoss repo by default then skip to step 2, or else Add BigBoss repo in your Cydia first.

Downloading iTransmission

  1. After you have added BigBoss repo, open cydia again & tap the Search tab from bottom of your screen.
  2. Now type iTransmission 4 in search field & select it.
  3. From the next screen select Install from top right corner followed by Confirm option.
  4. Wait for the app to be installed, you might need to restart springboard before you see the iTransmission icon on Spring Board / app drawer.

Now that you have installed iTransmission on your iOS 8 device, it is time to look for some cool torrents.

So that’s it, hope you liked this app as well as this guide, if yes please consider sharing it. Soon we will make a guide on how to use the iTransmission app to get the maximum speed while downloading torrent files to your iPhone, so make sure to check us after a while. Thanks for following our guide : Best iPhone Torrent Downloader app for iOS 7 and Up.

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  1. I installed and downloaded two movie also but couldn’t open with any one i try with VLC and AZUL no responds pls help any one… Thanks

  2. You saying ,,Best iPhone Torrent Downloader app for iOS 7 and Up….but not working correct,I mean ,I installed open it,then paste the copie of the magnite torrent and everything is fine ,but doesn’t download…

  3. I try this ,but is not working whit ios 8.2 beta 2 why?
    …please help if it is any another bittorents thanks …

  4. Its good, but I still stick to Bitport.io . I do not have to install anything and its cloud based so it works on all my devices… 🙂


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