Top 40 Most Popular Torrent Sites | May 2015

Top 40 Torrent Sites

Alert: Although Peer to Peer sharing is not illegal by itself, because of the highly questionable nature of some torrent sites which give away copyrighted material with out any permissions or ownership, torrenting can get you in trouble. So, be careful what you look for on all the sites we are listing here. Torrents are banned in many countries and … [Read more...]

Top 40 Most Used Torrent Sites | May 2015

Top 40 Torrent Sites

At, we are often requested by visitors to point them to an active torrent website from where they can download their desired files. Those who are new to torrenting may find it tiresome to locate genuine Torrent Sites when they need them. Even regular users need to keep track of all the working torrent sites, from time to time, since … [Read more...]

How to Install Prenesi Cydia Tweak to iPhone & iPad

Download Facebook Video on iPhone & iPad using Prenesi Cydia Tweak

Many multi-purpose apps like Universal Video Downloader can download videos from almost any app on your iPhone & iPad, but with their sloppy User Interface, they keep prompting you to download the video your are watching. These apps lag the performance of your Facebook app and also they have a separate app where the downloaded videos are … [Read more...]

Download Facebook Video on iPhone & iPad using Prenesi

Facebook Video Download

You can now download Facebook videos directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod using the jailbreak tweak "Prenesi" which is available on Cydia for free. Prenesi latches on to the Official Facebook App on your jailbroken iOS 8 devices and integrates with it perfectly. Many users want the videos they liked online, to be available to them offline as … [Read more...]

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 USB drivers (& Edge)

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 USB drivers

Compared to an iPhone, the wireless connection options on a Samsung Galaxy have always been on the higher side. Apple does lack in this aspect with their mobile devices, owing mainly to their stubborn security measures. There are many wireless means of connecting Samsung's latest flagship models, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to your Computer … [Read more...]